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 just around the corner, many Arizonans will be able to legally possess and use weed (if they obtain registered patient or caregiver cards). No doubt some of the new patients will be old fans of the herb, but there may be other medical marijuana patients who are new to the "icky sticky" and may need some guidance -- where to buy weed, what strains to try, how to grow, etc.

But it's also important to know the most basic of stoner skills -- how to roll a joint.

Whether someone's smoking ganja alone for medical reasons or with a group for recreation, nobody likes a joint that bulges in the middle and tapers on both ends (known as a "pregnant joint").

Here then, is a step-by-step guide to how to roll a joint ...

1. Gather the following items together: rolling papers, a grinder, a filter (optional), and a big marijuana bud. With the exception of the pot, all these items should be available at your local head shop. (We used basil in the photos and video.) Start by taking the marijuana, placing it in the grinder, and turning the grinder a few times. Dump the marijuana into a pile.

2. If you're using the filter, place it in the middle of the rolling paper (gummy side facing you), on one end. Pinch the filter with your thumb and index finger. If you're not using a filter, insert the tip of your finger on one end of the paper to hold it open.

3. Take your other hand and fill the middle of the paper with marijuana. Try to spread the herb as evenly across the paper as possible; this will help prevent "pregnant" joints.

4. Gripping the ends of the joint with your thumbs, take your index fingers and push both sides of the paper together. Roll the paper between your thumbs and index fingers a few times, as illustrated in the video below.

(If you roll too many times, the joint could be too "tight" and hard to hit).

Fold the rolling paper under on one side, then lick the gummy side and fold it over the paper. Voila! You have a joint (or in our case, a basil cigarette).

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