Seven Fall Festivals in Phoenix

 October means a calendar full of festivals that celebrate the arts and culture of the Valley, as well as the (hopefully) cooler breeze.

Take a look at our list to ensure you don't miss any Phoenix favorites:

October 1 
Where: Herberger Theater Center in downtown Phoenix.
Price: $5 for adults. Children 12 and under admitted free.
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October 1-2
Where: The event is located in historic Heritage Square Park in downtown Phoenix.
Price: Free admission.
Why go:  It's one of the largest LGBT events in Arizona, over 25,000 people are expected to attend and it's sure to be a host of colorful characters. 

October 7-9
Where: Speros Community Center.
Price: $2 for adults, children 12 and younger free. 
Why go:  Get out of Phoenix for a day (at least in your mind) and enjoy an authentic Greek experience. The festival will include Greek food, beer, and wine, as well as jewelry, music, and novelty items. 

October 7-9
Where: Tempe Town Lake.
Price: Free admission.
Why go: Is that even a question? Beer and wine gardens, German food and a variety of entertainment options (dance until your feet quit on the non-top polka Polka Stage or listen to a variety of bands) make this an event you shouldn't miss.

October 22
Where: The Lower Grand Avenue arts and small business district.
Price: Historical tours provided by ReDapt Commercial Building Tours between 3 and 7 pm are $10 in advance. 
Why go: The festival celebrates everything we love about downtown Phoenix: culture, art, and history. 

October 22-23
Where: Indian Steel Park (Central & Indian School Rd)
Price: Free.
Why go: Explore the culture and history of the world's oldest civilization. There will be music, arts, and culture, and some droolworthy Middle Eastern food.   

Where: Mesa Arts Center
Price: Free.
Why go: Day of the Dead is the hispanic celebration of death. Celebrate by enjoying live music, traditional food and art, as well as a community altar set up to honor the dead. 

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