Something Wiccan This Way Comes

We were traumatized when we saw the title characters in the film The Witches stomp on children-turned-mice, so we weren’t quite sure what to think about the 22nd annual Phoenix Witches Ball. Event co-coordinator John Mitchell reassures us that there won’t be any foul play going down at the costume ball, which is open to the public and organized by Arizona Wiccans’ Coven of the Desert Muse.

“Unfortunately, the public is misinformed about pagans and what they actually do,” Mitchell says, pointing out that, no, there won’t be any animal sacrifices. “If people come, they’ll see we’re just normal, everyday people . . . it’s not an educational event. It’s just a party.”

The event coincides with the pagan New Year and includes music by Sarah Styles and the Brotherhood of Blues, tarot readings, and food. There’ll even be ghost tours of the hotel and an altar to remember loved ones who have died.

Sat., Oct. 24, 8 p.m., 2009
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Nicki Escudero
Contact: Nicki Escudero