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Steve-O comedy tour in Phoenix brings ‘super-naughty’ multimedia show

Expect video clips too wild for "Jackass" and much more at Stand Up Live.
A man on a black background flexing his muscles.
Courtesy of Steve-O
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Steve-O may be 16 years sober, but that doesn't mean he's not still a wild man.

In the past month, he got a penis tattooed on his forehead courtesy of Post Malone, and declared his intention on the "X5 Podcast" to get D-cup breast implants and keep them in for up to two months. (He says he's already got a date confirmed for the surgery.)

The "Jackass" alum will bring his particular brand of chaos to Phoenix comedy club Stand Up Live this weekend, where he'll perform five "super-naughty" shows, he says.

On this tour, the show is in a multimedia format, combining comedy, still photos and video clips.

"I got jokes and I got videos and they go together really well," he says. "It explores the line and where it lives and the times that I’ve crossed it. It’s also kind of a workshop for my next show, which will be called 'Steve-O’s Gone Too Far.'"

The tour's been going well so far, he says; he recently wrapped up a run of shows in the Deep South.

He enjoys the immediacy of being in front of a live audience, and attendees have been reacting well.

"It’s really been taking shape and I’m super-stoked. It’s been good, super-good," he says.

Audiences in Phoenix will get an in-person look at Steve-O's new dick tattoo, which Post Malone gave him in June at the Bonnaroo Music Festival.

"It was part of my 'going too far' thing," Steve-O says. It was also, in a way, a 50th birthday present; the comedian hit the milestone on June 13.

"I’ve never liked birthdays," he says. "My phone is chirping all day and I can’t keep up with all the texts and I hate that and I’m also an entire year older. But I recognize that turning 50 is a pretty big deal and I treated it as such. I had a big birthday party. I celebrated by doing a triathlon. And then the day after my birthday, I met up with Post Malone and got a dick tattooed on my forehead. It was pretty awesome."

Steve-O may have entered a new decade, but he's not slowing down — for the most part.

He does see himself laying off some of the "super high-impact, dangerous" types of stunts he's done in the past: "Just 'cause I’m old. There’s the fact that I’m 50 years old. I’ve been out there crashing cars and doing really pretty scary stuff, and I don’t see myself trying to raise the bar again."

But that doesn't mean he's not busy.

"I’ve moved out to Tennessee," he says. "My fiancee and I, we’re developing this land to make it into an animal sanctuary. We’ve already got a bunch of goats and pigs and dogs and cats, so that’s a big piece, setting ourselves up on this big ranch. I continue to do my podcast ("Wild Ride! with Steve-O"), I continue to create content, I continue to work on my tour."

But none of it's possible without maintaining his sobriety, he says.

"It’s really the most important thing," he says. "Without being in recovery, all bets are off."

Steve-O. 7 p.m. and 9:45 p.m. Friday, July 5, and Saturday, July 6; and 7 p.m. Sunday, July 7. Stand Up Live, 50 W. Jefferson St. Cost is $40 general admission. Visit the Stand Up Live website for tickets and info.
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