The Sporthocker: How Jumping around with a Plastic Stool Became a Sport

Thanks to two kids from Germany, the wait is over for everyone who's ever wanted to run around and slide on things with a plastic stump ... and call it a sport.

Sporthocking's an "extreme" mix between skateboarding, break dancing, baton twirling, running, and ultimately, sitting.

Naturally, it requires a Sporthocker, a lightweight, rubber-lined stool that can be waxed down for grinding, thrown around for performing, and then disguised as a stool or side table for when you've come to terms with the fact that you just spent more than $100 to look like a total idiot.

See the sport in action and more info after the jump ...

To snag your own Sporthocker while they still exist, check out the sport/movement/furniture website.

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Claire Lawton
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