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Toast: A Place for Crafts, Vintage and Cat-Shaped Lipstick

Traci Nelson co-owns Butter Toast, a vintage gem in downtown Phoenix. And when she's not busy thrifting, crocheting and exploring old-timey yachts, she's sharing her latest finds and photos on her blog, Toast.

Her Butter Toast partner-in-crime Jasmine Jarrett also contributes; together, the two know a bit about what makes an interesting store-based blog (mostly great photos, cool crafts, and shout-outs to other neat local blogs).

With cat-shaped lipstick, antique trunks and flower pins, the two also know how to get the attention of any semi-nerdy, crafty, thrifty, pin-wearing junkie. And if none of those things sound appealing, they've also clued into (and shared) a ton of great viral and animated videos. And don't lie, everyone loves those.

Nelson just posted another edition of the blogs "New Loves," (including a girl with antlers) which was a timely reminder of why we, in turn, love her blog.

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