United Pixelworkers' Phoenix Tee for Developers and Designers

Pittsburgh-based United Pixelworkers are known for their limited-edition tees geared toward designers and web fiends alike. 

And for thee next 10 days, Phoenix-based design fans have the chance to nab one of the faux union's tees that spotlight our Valley of the Sun.

The Local 602 T-shirt is meant to unite web developers, graphic designers, and other web-based code junkies that make up the United Pixelworks workforce in Phoenix. 

Co-founder of United Pixelworkers Jay Fanelli says the faux-union is meant to provide unity and representation to web-workers across the country, and eventually the globe. 

Fanelli, who designs all the Local tees, said they originally began highlighting "B-List" cities, such as Cleveland and their native Pittsburgh. Pixelworkers will continue to celebrate the lesser-known cities, though they will also throw in the occasional Los Angeles, as per demand (L.A. is on the way, according to Fanneli).

United Pixelworkers only accepts pre-orders for each shirt for 30 days. Whatever number of requests they get, that's what they send off to the printers, and the design gets locked up in their "vault" forever. 

"We go out and get, or at least ask, the people we admire [to design the shirts]," says Fanelli. "It's a small community. No one in the [web design] industry is really famous, but there are still people everyone admires. People who are really good at what they do and also people we know will make a great T-shirt." 

Local 602 T-shirts are on sale for $20 plus shipping. The current crop is available until July 8. 

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