Country Thunder

10 Things We Learned at Country Thunder

1. The golf cart taxi service is worth its weight in gold For those who weren't in Crazy Coyote, Roadrunner or Premier, you had a hell of a long walk from your campsite to the concert grounds. Felt like grabbing a water bottle from your trailer? Forgot your American flag-printed aviators? Longed for the sweet, sweet release of a shotgunned Bud Light? Take a hike, pal. From the main stage to Outback alone took close to a half-hour on foot, so the welcome sight of a mustachioed granola crunching dude (why they were almost solely manning the taxi is beyond me) in an open-topped golf cart was akin to a desert oasis, just with more hair. For a scant three dollars, gratuity extra, you could be ferried to and from the main grounds to your home base, waving at the plodding peasants all the way. There seemed to be more of them this year than ever, nary without a passenger or three proffering their services.

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K.C. Libman
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