Four Local Music Hookups We Would Like to See

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I don't have cable and I don't have one of them there digital converter boxes plugged into my TV, so it's not often I get to catch commercials.

On Saturday. I made the trip to my parents' home to watch the Los Angeles Lakers throttle the Denver Nuggets in their playoff series opener, and in doing so, I received my weekly dose of programmed commercials.

Turns out Kelly Clarkson is returning to her reality television roots this summer with a new show called Duets on ABC. Clarkson will join Robin Thicke, Lionel Richie, and Jennifer Nettles as they search for two singers to be their duet partners. Whether or not the show proves to be compelling is inconsequential, but it does raise the question: Which local musical pairings would absolutely kick ass?

Here are four local hookups we wouldn't mind seeing.

Snake! Snake! Snakes! and Sister Cities

Arena anthem rockers meet brooding dream weavers for a pop spectacle that could leave you weeping.

The Love Me Nots and The Green Lady Killers

Former New Times music editor Martin Cizmar once called GLK "a darker and less go-go-y Love Me Nots." Combine Nicole Laurenne's cool crooning with Lady Van Buren's gritty growls and it's a guaranteed eargasm.

Mouse Powell and FACES

The yin-yang of Arizona's hip-hop scene. Slick rhymes versus angry aggressive verses.

Factories and Super Stereo

Synth-pop done by some of the Valley's best sound manipulators.

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