Musical Instrument Museum Debuts "I Am AZ Music" Exhibit

On Saturday, February 18, the Musical Instrument Museum debuted its "I Am AZ Music" exhibit, featuring over 40 installations that examine the scope and history of music in Arizona in celebration of the State's centennial. Reggae artist Walt Richardson performed, as well as psychedelic soul band What Laura Says. Deon Doughty, Such Styles, and Champ created art outside while the music filled the air, and visitors browsed through MIM's collection of guitars, memorabilia, photos, and musical equipment. The exhibit will run for one year, ending in January 2013.

The exhibit features plenty for music nuts to flip over. The Alice Cooper section features an awesome promotional inflatable pencil promoting "School's Out," the Condello exhibit features a Gibson acoustic played by the man on the Wallace and Ladmo Show, as well as colorful W&L art. Arizona's long-running Canyon Records is prominently featured, with a few examples of the label's discography (the minimal LP covers are truly striking). And of course, as the museum is dedicated to instruments, there's a plethora of guitars, trumpets, accordions, and percussion instruments.

View our full MIM "I Am AZ Music" slideshow.

The exhibit pays tribute to many artists from Arizona who found fame elsewhere, like Stevie Nicks and Charles Mingus, as well as local folks, like Lee Hazlewood, Duane Eddy, Linda Ronstadt, and Alice Cooper, who started making music here before departing for other cities.

View our full MIM "I Am AZ Music" slideshow.

The Musical Instrument Museum is located at 4725 E. Mayo Blvd, in Phoenix.

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