Shy Boys being not so shy on a park bench. Catch them in a small venue while you can.EXPAND
Shy Boys being not so shy on a park bench. Catch them in a small venue while you can.
Libby Zander

Shy Boys Are Actually Who They Claim to Be

2013’s eponymous debut record by Shy Boys is a shimmering, delightful romp through the territory adjacent to slightly lo-fi shoegaze pop, and a heartsick version of a new Ben Kweller tribute band. You’ve heard something similar before, but not exactly the same, and the Kansas City, Missouri, quartet is sneaky-good at writing catchy riffs that probably started in one of their parents’ basements, before blossoming into what has now become the subtle strength of an underappreciated American working band.

With songs like “And I Am Nervous,” and “Is This Who You Are,” the band build their layered guitars over a capable rhythm section, using a ’60s tinged vocal approach, to drive the title into the listeners’ consciousness until there is no other choice but complete and utter surrender. New music is coming from the band, which you will be able to hear when they grace The Lunchbox with their wonderfully Midwestern presence on June 11. Heck, even if they only play the songs off Shy Boys, it will still be excellent.
Shy Boys play The Lunchbox at 9 p.m. on Monday, June 11. Tickets are $8-$10 plus applicable fees through ticketfly.com.

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