The 50 Most Beautiful People of Coachella 2015

The temperature isn't the only thing that's sizzling at Coachella. With their tanned bodies, gym rat physiques, and seriously on-point bohemian/ethereal/fairy-style choices, Coachella-goers know to look their best while they're in the desert.

Both the festival itself and the parties that go with it have some of the most desirable attendees of any multi-day event. How they managed to stay this fabulous, we don't know, but here they are: The most beautiful people of Coachella.

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We'll dance with these two anytime.

Coordinated costumes? Check. Bangin' bods? Quadruple check.

You had us with the smile, but the shirt doesn't hurt.

Azealia Banks: your girl-next-door gone edgy.

If only she'd look at us.

Girl's got bling!

He's single-handedly bringing back bucket hats.

Blondes really do have more fun.

We bet he also has a sunny personality.

He learned to smize from Tyra.

Sunglasses, hair, top, choker--yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Va-va-voom times two.

Squad goals.

There is literally nothing about her that isn't perfect.

He's sexy and he knows it.

Only a goddess could pull off an outfit like this.

They met in gymnastics class.

She's an all natural beauty.

These girls sparkle in more ways than one.


She regularly appears in shampoo commercials.

Fly away with us?

We've never seen a flower crown look so good.

He does push-ups in between sets.

When BFFs take on Coachella, there's nothing more beautiful.

Even without the sign, she'd be catching everyone's attention.

She woke up like this.

Style on point!

The undisputed queen of rock.

Beanies and short shorts is our new favorite trend.

He gets all the ladies with those pants.


We like your moves, Lil B.

We swear she stared straight into our soul.

Booty. Suspenders. Does it get any better?

Bold, strappy, and cool as can be.

We asked him if he did this every day, and he said, "Often."

From the cruise ship to the desert, this crew is ready to rage.

The world isn't ready for such beautiful children.

Eyebrows on fleek.

Now this is a squad we'd like to join.

Their outfits say classy lingerie and we're totally fine with that.

The best fringing we've seen all day.

FKA Twigs is actually from Venus.

If Dr. Seuss were a fashion designer, these two would be his models.

These two are straight out of a fairytale.

The best part about his photo is how happy they look. Or the leather fringe. But the worst part is definitely that we're not a part of it.

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