Deposed ASU Baseball Coach Pat Murphy Lands on Feet With MLB Gig

We appreciated former Arizona State University baseball coach Pat Murphy before the school controversially dismissed him a few months ago, after the 51-year-old had been chosen as the Pac-10's Coach of the Year for the third straight season.

​ Murph (the burly fellow in the photo) always was a great interview, was beloved by many of his players (definitely not all of them) over his stellar 15 years with the Sun Devils, and was something of an iconoclast -- a complicated cat with a lot of baggage and a lot on his mind.

The brass at ASU would choose other words to describe him, including "cheater," referring to the still-unresolved list of alleged NCAA violations that surely led to his demise at school.   

We see that the San Diego Padres have hired Murph as a "special assistant to baseball operations." We don't know exactly what a "special assistant" does, but let's assume it's a better-paying gig than that of a simple "assistant," but something less than that of an "extra-special assistant."

We're sure that Coach Murphy will be taking his former employer to court at some point over his abrupt departure. That lawsuit may be a doozy.

As for now, here's a link to the profile we did of Murph a few years ago, when things were going well for him and it appeared he'd be at ASU's helm for a long time to come.


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