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Vulgar Valley: Phoenix Suns fans deemed NBA’s most potty-mouthed

The Suns don’t lead the NBA. But their fans and their use of 4-letter words definitely does.
Henry Garcia with an autographed Devin Booker jersey he picked up at a Nov. 10 event at Footprint Center.
Henry Garcia with an autographed Devin Booker jersey he picked up at a Nov. 10 event at Footprint Center. Kevin Hurley
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Phoenix Suns fans may have a reputation for being laid-back and respectful, but don't confuse their kindness for indifference and not giving a fuck. In fact, nobody gives more fucks than Suns fans.

No, literally. According to a new study, Suns fans are happily giving fucks out at a higher clip than any other fan base in the NBA.

Cut Phoenix fans some slack. They've never enjoyed a championship parade. We're looking at you, 1993 NBA Finals. There's also the matter of that curse. And did you see them drop their Christmas Day matchup at home against the Mavs? Yeah, Suns fans earned the right to voice their frustration.

Vulgar Valley

Suns fans are giving people the business online just as hard as Kevin Durant is giving it to opponents on the court. But instead of fast-break dunks and dishing out assists, Suns fans are dishing out the foulest language among NBA fans.

The study, using data compiled by the online gambling site Betway, has unveiled which NBA fan bases are the kings and queens of online vulgarity. The results are conclusive: Suns fans are the worst potty mouths in the league.

The research considered the subreddits of each NBA team, tallying up the number of expletives hurled by passionate fans. Topping the charts were Suns supporters, who dropped an impressive 577 vulgar words in their online banter, followed by fans of the Toronto Raptors (524 vulgar words) and the Philadelphia 76ers (501). Suns fans are more vulgar than Philly fans? That is a surprise.

As the kids would say, Suns fans are dunking on the haters online.

Words of choice

A basketball player with multiple moves is termed to have a bag. For Suns fans, the moves in their bag are an assortment of the greatest hits of curse words, and they're in their bag more often than a postal worker.

The breakdown of the 577 most-used vulgar words by Suns fans:
  • Fuck mentions: 274 (most in the NBA)
  • Fucking mentions: 190 (most in the NBA)
  • Shit mentions: 80 (12th most in the NBA)
  • Crap mentions: 33 (5th most in the NBA)

Turn that vulgar crown upside down

Betway says its study scraped each NBA team's subreddit posts from the past four years to gather insights and characteristics of each community of fans. The data used was through mid October. Translation: It doesn't reflect the Suns recent 3-8 slide or its inability to put Durant, Devin Booker and Bradley Beal on the court at the same time. So yeah, the vulgarity would only be worse.

Suns fans are voicing their frustration in four-letter bombs. We get it. But where do we go from here? Until they bring home an NBA title, Suns fans will be Suns fans. If you don't like it, too bad. They don't give a shit.
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