10 Breakfast Burritos to Start Your Morning Right in Metro Phoenix

Breakfast burritos are easy to find in this town.EXPAND
Breakfast burritos are easy to find in this town.
Jacob Tyler Dunn
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There's really only one way to wrap up all the best breakfast ingredients in one, easy-to-hold package, and that is a breakfast burrito. Here are 10 of the best in greater Phoenix.

El Norteño

1002 Seventh Avenue

Listen up, meat lovers. El Norteño is not messing around with its machaca and egg breakfast burrito. Simply, it is a giant bomb of a burrito stuffed with moist machaca and just enough egg to make this an acceptable breakfast dish. If you want to add some potatoes, it's just an extra $1. Heads up, this place is cash only.

Tacos Chiwas

Multiple Locations

You might have thought a breakfast burrito just needed eggs, cheese, and maybe meat. But you would be wrong. Tacos Chiwas elevates the breakfast burrito by adding smooth, creamy beans. Yes, you can find beans in other burritos around town and even on this list, but Tacos Chiwas' version is so perfect it becomes the star ingredient.

A breakfast burrito at Carolina's — wrapped in that famous tortilla.
A breakfast burrito at Carolina's — wrapped in that famous tortilla.
Heather Hoch


Multiple Locations

Tortilla, tortilla, tortilla. As Carolina's cult of followers would agree, you could wrap pretty much anything in Carolina's handmade tortillas and the result would be great. But when it comes to breakfast, the machaca and egg breakfast burrito is recommended. Pro tip: Upgrade it with potatoes and beans. The machaca and eggs blended together perfectly, surrounded by starchy potatoes and smooth, fatty refried beans.

32 Shea

10626 North 32nd Street

The standard breakfast burrito gets a Santa Fe twist at 32 Shea. With a generous spread of avocado, the New Mexico burrito almost seems like a tubular version of a BLT. Along with the avocado, you'll get eggs, potatoes, cheese, bacon, and a house-made green salsa. The cooks at 32 Shea fry their bacon extra-crispy so it contrasts nicely with the scrambled eggs and potatoes.

Tofu and sweet potatoes fill this breakfast burrito at Liberty Market.EXPAND
Tofu and sweet potatoes fill this breakfast burrito at Liberty Market.
Jacob Tyler Dunn

Liberty Market

230 North Gilbert Road, Gilbert

For our vegan friends, it’s not all eggs and other protein suggestions. Therefore, the Smothered Vegan Breakfast Burrito at Liberty Market is our meat-free recommendation. The breakfast burrito is a flour tortilla packed with scrambled tofu and vegetables (usually diced sweet potatoes) and sauteed with peppers, and onions, and tomatillo — plus it’s all smothered with tomatillo and chile pequin sauces. It’s filling, it's pretty, and the sweet potatoes offer you some much-needed vitamin A, magnesium, and potassium.

Luci's Healthy Marketplace

1590 East Bethany Home Road

Take a break from the monochrome breakfast burrito and allow the Burrito Bomb from Luci's Healthy Marketplace to add some color. This thing comes with three different kinds of potatoes — white, purple, and sweet — and choice of meat, cheese, and tortilla, with several options in each category. This burrito is basically  a choose-your-own-adventure book, but the chicken chorizo, provolone, and sun-dried tomato tortilla combo is a winner.

Breakfast burrito nirvana.
Breakfast burrito nirvana.
Chris Malloy

PHX Burrito House

4140 Seventh Avenue

The House Favorite breakfast burrito with carne asada at PHX Burrito House puts the griddle to work with a terrific outcome. This burrito comes packed with eggs, cheese, grilled onions, grilled jalapeños, and crispy, skin-on potatoes to give the whole thing a deep, toasty flavor. For an even better result, ask for the green salsa.


1705 East Indian School Road

It is a mystery how the culinary wizards at Regio's are able to incorporate everything in the Chorizo, Eggs, and Cheese breakfast burrito so well. Each bite gets you a little bit of chorizo, egg, and cheese. So, food separatists, look elsewhere. Plus, Regio's offers a variety of salsas and toppings so you can style your burrito your way. Add potatoes for $.75.

Breakfast burritos are done right at Yucca Tap Room.EXPAND
Breakfast burritos are done right at Yucca Tap Room.
Tom Carlson

Yucca Tap Room

29 West Southern Avenue, Tempe

Yucca being the ultimate early-morning bar, it's no surprise it presents a great breakfast burrito. On the flier-style menu here, the breakfast burrito is found under the Doors (i.e. breakfast) section, and listed as the Wake Up Call. It's two eggs, those incredible, crispy tots, and cheese all wrapped in a flour tortilla. You can also add bacon, sausage, veggies, pork, and/or carne asada.

Kaleidoscope Juice

Multiple Locations

Kaleidoscope Juice offers a decent version of the classic burrito which won't make you feel like you're blowing a cheat day. The sweet potato breakfast burrito has the just-mentioned ingredient, plus black beans, vegetarian chorizo, organic eggs, quinoa, spicy vegan mayo, a whole wheat locally sourced tortilla, and house-made tomatillo salsa.

Editor's note: This story was originally published on November 22, 2016. It was updated on August 27, 2020.  See what Valley restaurants are offering takeout, delivery, and dine-in services. Find breakfast spots and more Phoenix-area eateries in our Phoenix Restaurant Directory.

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