10 Breakfast Burritos to Start Your Morning Off Right in Metro Phoenix

This post was updated on February 17, 2018.

We know breakfast is important. We also know it's hard to make it happen. There's really only one way to wrap up all of the savory goodness you could want to start your day in one easy-to-hold package: a breakfast burrito.

It might seem difficult to mess up this classic morning meal, but it can be done, trust us. There are good breakfast burritos, and then there are the ones on this list, which have taken the common, eggy burrito and leveled way up.

Tacos Chiwas
You might have thought a breakfast burrito just needed eggs, cheese, and maybe meat. But you would be wrong. Tacos Chiwas elevates the breakfast burrito by adding smooth, creamy beans. Yes, you can find beans in other burritos around town and even on this list, but Tacos Chiwas' version is so flavorful and delicious alone that they become a star ingredient after the first bite. You can choose from several different meats to include with your burrito, which will run you $5, but our favorite is the ham. It seems very similar to diced hot dogs, and honestly, we hope it is.

Tortilla, tortilla, tortilla. As we think Carolina's cult of followers would agree, you could wrap pretty much anything in Carolina's handmade tortillas and the result would be amazing. We're especially partial to the machaca and egg breakfast burrito. We upgraded it with potatoes and beans for a grand total of $4.10. The machaca and eggs blended together perfectly, surrounded by starchy potatoes and smooth, fatty refried beans. It's all wrapped in one of those warm, doughy tortillas – a true masterpiece.

32 Shea
The standard breakfast burrito gets a Santa Fe twist at 32 Shea. With a generous spread of avocado, the New Mexico burrito ($5.50) almost seems like a tubular version of a BLT. Along with the avocado, you'll get eggs, potatoes, cheese, bacon, and a house-made green salsa. The cooks at 32 Shea fry their bacon extra-crispy so it contrasts nicely with the scrambled eggs and potatoes.

El Norteño
Listen up, meat lovers. This is the burrito for you. El Norteño is not messing around when they offer a machaca and egg breakfast burrito, because that is literally all that's in this burrito. And they list machaca first for a reason. For $4.75, you are getting a huge bomb of a burrito stuffed with moist, flavorful machaca and just enough egg to make this an acceptable breakfast dish. And if you do want to add some potatoes, it's just an extra $.85.

Kaleidoscope Juice
Kaleidoscope's breakfast burrito is for people who want all the deliciousness of a burrito in the morning with only about 80 percent of the guilt. This juice bar offers several versions of the classic burrito, none of which will make you feel like you're blowing a cheat day. The standard Breakfast Burrito has everything from quinoa to black beans, bell peppers, tomatoes, and tomatillos, plus the expected (free-range) egg and potato. But the ingredients don't end there. There's also veggie chorizo, creamy vegan spread, jalapeño, and onion, everything wrapped in a sprouted-grain tortilla.

Luci's Healthy Marketplace
Take a break from the bland, relatively monochrome breakfast burrito you're used to, and allow the Burrito Bomb ($9.39) from Luci's Healthy Marketplace to add a splash of color with three different kinds of potatoes: white, purple, and sweet. Plus, you get your choice of meat, cheese, and tortilla, with several options in each category. This burrito is basically like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. We almost always choose chicken chorizo and provolone in a sun-dried tomato tortilla.

Two words: french fries. Yeah, actual french fries are stuffed into Nocawich's breakfast burrito ($6), and you shouldn't even need to ask why that takes this breakfast classic to new heights. The crispy potatoes add a needed crunch, especially if you opt for Schreiner's chorizo or the spicy kale hash over bacon. And if we could smother the whole thing with chimichurri crema, we would. Add in scrambled eggs, cheddar, onion, cilantro, and the surprisingly hole-in-the-wall-burrito-joint tortilla, and this breakfast burrito is damn near perfect.

PHX Burrito House
The House Favorite breakfast burrito with carne asada ($7) at PHX Burrito House puts the griddle to work, with a terrific outcome. This burrito kicks it up with grilled onions, grilled jalapeños, and crispy potatoes with the skin on to give the whole thing a deep, toasty flavor. If you want to do it up right at PHX Burrito House, ask for green salsa. They don't put it out on the tables, but they have it in back, and it goes perfectly with this burrito that you could get away with eating any time of day.

It is a mystery how the culinary wizards at Regio's (1705 East Indian School Road) are able to incorporate everything in the Chorizo Eggs and Cheese breakfast burrito ($5.66) together so well. With each bite, you're sure to get a little bit of chorizo, egg, and cheese. So, food separatists, look elsewhere. This burrito is getting messy, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Plus, Regio's offers a salsa bar with toppings and several different kinds of salsas, so you can style your burrito your way. Add potatoes for $.75.

Yucca Tap Room
It’s all about texture with the breakfast burrito at Yucca Tap Room. With a choice of sausage or bacon, Yucca’s burrito is a warm tortilla wrapped around hot scrambled eggs, crunchy bacon or juicy sausage pieces, and crispy hash browns. The whole thing is kept together with the help of melted cheddar cheese, and whatever amount of chunky salsa you’ve poured over the open your most recent bite left behind. The Yucca Tap Room breakfast burrito is $6 and you may just have to ask for it.

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