The $5 gyro at Saba's.
The $5 gyro at Saba's.
Amy Morris

$10 Lunch at Saba's Mediterranean Cuisine

Don't you just love a word of mouth recommendation? Here's one. Ask around enough and folks in north Phoenix will let you in on a secret: Saba's is the best place in these parts to find a $5 gyro -- making it a perfect candidate for a $10 lunch visit. 

Surprisingly, Saba's isn't hard to find. Huge yellow banners on both sides of their restaurant dwarf the small shopping center where it's located. Yep, it's bold, but we bet it's brought them a lot of business. The seating area is warm with scenic facades painted on the walls and lights strewn about throughout the copper ceiling. But decor is not what keeps them coming back to Saba's.

Find out what's worth a return visit after the jump.

We go for the $5 gyros advertised on their yellow banners. But there's not just one option. On the menu, there are numerous versions of gyros to choose from. For $5 you get the "World Famous Gyro," which is what I ordered. For $1.50 I added a salad topped with the house dressing, a tasty lemon vinaigrette. The dressing is what makes this salad, so don't expect any fancy lettuce or toppings. It is a simplistic salad with romaine greens and tomatoes.

The gyro. What makes this a local hero is that all the components of this dish complement and sustain each other. The gyro meat has good flavor and is not overpowered with spices and the pita bread is softly grilled leaving it warm and slightly crisp. Cucumbers and yogurt playfully comingle in the tzatziki sauce that tastes just as it sounds. Together, the tzatziki sauce adds to it without vanquishing the flavor found in the pita bread and gyro meat. 

Saba's tops their gyros with lettuce and tomatoes. However, if you're in the mood for something different, ask for tomatoes and fresh onion slices instead. The onion adds extra depth and another wow factor in your mouth. Our server recommended this choice. I loved it.

With a drink my bill came to about $8.50, which makes this deal completely affordable and well under our $10 budget. This family run restaurant is doing everything right--from the excellent customer service to the equally humbling "famous" gyro and the awesome $5 bargain. Take the locals' word for it. 

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