Tell Her About It: Try Billy Joel-Themed Food and Drink at Chase Field March 9

After you the finishing the Big Shot Stromboli you may need a walk down 52nd Street.
After you the finishing the Big Shot Stromboli you may need a walk down 52nd Street. Courtesy of Sarah Sachs/Arizona Diamondbacks
Well, you’ll head downtown riding in your Lyft car with your fine Scottsdale Road clothes. Check, check, check. But the three things that’ll really complete your night at the Billy Joel concert on Saturday, March 9, will be the Big Shot Stromboli, Captain Jack whiskey sour, and the Bottle of Red, Bottle of White wine carafe.

Arizona Diamondbacks Events and Entertainment along with Levy Restaurants will be offering these items exclusively at Chase Field when you go to see the entertainer. You’ll think you can skip the Italian restaurant and head straight for the show.

And you may be right, because these offerings are pretty substantial. The Big Shot Stromboli has beef barbacoa, mole sauce, Chihuahua cheese, roasted poblano peppers, and caramelized onions all jammed inside Cotija cheese and Mexican oregano-seasoned pizza dough. (Could have been called the Mexican Connection, but hey.) It’s served with avocado and charred tomato crema, and will run you $13 at the Red Hot Grill in sections 118 and 139 (which might feel like a half a mile away for some of you).

click to enlarge All you wanna do is dance after a couple of Captain Jack whiskey sours. - COURTESY OF SARAH SACHS/ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS
All you wanna do is dance after a couple of Captain Jack whiskey sours.
Courtesy of Sarah Sachs/Arizona Diamondbacks
And it’s a good thing you closed your tab at Zanzibar, because there are drinks here, too. And it's no root beer rag.

The 16-ounce Captain Jack whiskey sour is Jack Daniel’s and sour mix garnished with a maraschino cherry. It’s available for $13 at any stadium bar, and if that sounds steep, just consider yourself the last of the big time spenders.

But if whiskey brings out the stranger, Bottle of Red, Bottle of White wine carafes are also available. That includes a full, 750-milliliter bottle of either red or white wine from Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery. Carafes come with two wine glasses and can be purchased at all liquor portables or dining locations at the ballpark. After a few of those, you’ll feel like everybody loves you now.

It ain’t no crime to fill up and drink heartily at the Billy Joel concert. He hasn’t been here for the longest time. Don't ask me why. 
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