Brew Review

Brew Review: New Belgium's Mighty Arrow Pale Ale

I've never met a dog I didn't take to instantly. As a matter of fact, I spent the weekend taking care of a pup for a friend on vacation. I don't know what breed she is but it doesn't matter because she was immediately friendly and loyal after about thirty seconds of meeting me.

This curious relationship reminds me of my own loyalty to one of New Belgium's mainstays: Mighty Arrow Pale Ale. This brew from the makers of Fat Tire was crafted as a tribute to Arrow, an "Aussie/border collie mix who ran (literally) New Belgium for 12 years" and "never met a tummy rub she didn't like," or so the bottle describes.

While Arrow may not have had a chance to sample the beer created in her memory (though being a brewery dog we're guessing she had a few laps of the good stuff) we've taken to having a Pavlovian response to its mere mention.

Tastes: good enough to make us beg. Like a dog whose bark is worse than its bite, Mighty Arrow Pale Ale hits your taste buds with a hoppy explosion that settles down into a pool of mellow deliciousness as it traverses the back of your throat. Expect some citrus notes that pop without taking over the crisp, clean taste.

I got mine: from my soda-guzzling comrade Martin Cizmar. Thanks for the brew, buddy.

Goes with: late spring BBQs and using the fire pit one last time. Enjoy Might Arrow with anything your grill can conceive. I could even see Mighty Arrow going great with a burger. Just don't serve it with hot dogs. Ha!

Verdict: Maybe I'm just keen on canine's, but I can't help barking about New Belgium's Mighty Arrow Pale Ale. The word on tap is that the waters of Fort Collins, Colorado (where this fine brew is crafted) assists in the flavor of the beer. We're not sure if that's true, but we'd love to try it and find out. Maybe we could sup it from doggy bowl.

Happy drinking!

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Jonathan McNamara