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Culver's Pumpkin Treats: Like Heroin If Heroin Were Frozen and Kinda Orange

Warning: these frozen fall treats from Culver's are dangerously addictive.

If you're not into pumpkin stuff, feel free to jump down to the next post, but if you're like Fry Girl and anxiously await autumn's arrival of all things of the large, edible, orange-yellow fruit borne by a coarse, decumbent vine, read on and try not to salivate on your keyboard.

From the loins of Wisconsin-based Culver's, and for a limited time only, comes three tasty triplets of frozen triumph: the Pumpkin Spiced Shake, Pumpkin Cheesecake Concrete Mixer, and Pumpkin Pecan Concrete Mixer.

All three had Fry Girl hooked, but one was a true pumpkin frosted fix.

Culver's Pumpkin Spice Shake is a good place to start. With vanilla frozen custard, milk, spiced pumpkin pie filling, and topped with a hearty shakin' of cinnamon, it's flavor is mild but still pleasurable. Next up comes the Pumpkin Pecan Concrete Mixer. For those in the Culver's know, Concrete Mixers are at the top of the custard clutch with a dense and rich consistency that makes the eatin' go nice and slow. The Pumpkin Pecan Concrete Mixer's got vanilla custard, pumpkin pie mix, and a hearty helpin' of pecans in every bite -- a stronger pumpkin flavor than the shake with the crunchy goodness of pecans.

Want the paramount of Culver's "pick a pumpkin" fare? Order up a Pumpkin Cheesecake Concrete Mixer. Custard and cheesecake? Hell, yes. Vanilla custard and pumpkin pie mix meet cheesecake pieces in this thick and creamy autumnal concoction that's got a spoonful of rich pumpkin flavor in every obsessive bite.

Have you picked a pumpkin treat at Culver's yet? What did you think?

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Laura Hahnefeld
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