Dining Guide: All-Day Eating and Drinking at … Your House

A recipe for every meal of your weekend — and beyond.EXPAND
A recipe for every meal of your weekend — and beyond.
Lauren Cusimano
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Welcome to Dining Guides, an intermittent series on what the many dining hubs around the greater Phoenix area have to offer. From breakfast to happy hour drinks, quick coffee to sit-down dinner, we break down some of our favorite places in each neighborhood. Today: zeroing in on … what you can make in your own kitchen.

Restaurants may reopen for dine-in service on Monday and stay-out-home orders will be lifted on Friday. Therefore, this is the last weekend where you may cook at home guilt free without anyone trying to get you to come out for brunch or drinks. Or if you’re an extravert, start practicing for that next dinner party or fire up Zoom for one last happy hour.

Either way, prepare your kitchen for action — here's everything you can make at home this weekend.

Go for the ultra-local dalgona recipe.EXPAND
Go for the ultra-local dalgona recipe.
Peixoto Coffee Roasters


Dalgona — Arizona Style

Quarantine may be ending soon, so if you haven’t made dalgona yet, you better get on it this weekend. The whippy, foamy, coffee drink with the Korean “namesake” can be made using Arizona ingredients, too. Here’s how.

The Chop & Chick, comfort on a plate.EXPAND
The Chop & Chick, comfort on a plate.
Matt's Big Breakfast


The Chop & Chick from Matt’s Big Breakfast

Matt’s Big Breakfast has been serving actually big breakfasts and more since 2004, and now you can, too. MBB's M.O. from day one: scratch cooking using only the best ingredients by local producers and friendly service. And it’s with love that the Pools give you their beloved Chop & Chick recipe (two eggs with a marinated skillet-seared pork chop and breakfast potatoes). Just be sure to serve with a smile and bottomless coffee.

Midday wings are never a bad idea.EXPAND
Midday wings are never a bad idea.
Lauren Cusimano


Wings, Baby

Sports aren’t happening this weekend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sit down to a plate of midday chicken wings. And you can make them yourself with this simple, straightforward, inexpensive hot wings recipe. You can get everything you need this recipe after one $20 to $30 trip to Fry’s.

Bake up these comfort cookies in the comfort of your own kitchen.
Bake up these comfort cookies in the comfort of your own kitchen.
Olivia Girard/theDinersaur


Tea Cookies from TheDinersaur

You don’t just eat Olivia Girard’s TheDinersaur goodies with your eyes. As delicious as her Instagram is — and it is sweet salvation — all of the above and more are available to order via TheDinersaur for pickup at Restaurant Progress in the Melrose District. However, Girard has shared her famous tea cookie recipe with us. It’s the not-too-sweet, not-too-complicated, just-right thing to make at home when you’re looking for a little cookie comfort.

Lemongrass Collins step-by-step.EXPAND
Lemongrass Collins step-by-step.
Bitter & Twisted

Happy Hour

Lemongrass Collins from Bitter & Twisted

It’s not easy to replicate the experience of Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour, the award-winning cocktail bar in downtown Phoenix, at home ... but it’s not impossible. And after one or two DIY Lemongrass Collins, you can pretend you’re just about anywhere. Oh, and a virtual Ross Simon, the nationally recognized cocktail slinger behind Bitter & Twisted, will walk you through each step.

Rigatoni swimming in a glorious vodka sauce, which you can learn to make yourself.EXPAND
Rigatoni swimming in a glorious vodka sauce, which you can learn to make yourself.
Jackie Mercandetti Photo


Pasta with Saint Pasta Pomodoro/Vodka Sauce

It’s easy to find the seven-minute instructional video via the @eatsaintpasta Instagram account for a DIY pomodoro sauce. Narrated by Joe Cetrulo, chef and co-founder of Saint Pasta along with Racan Alhoch, the video lists the ingredients both verbally and ticker-tape style along the bottom, then films each step. Or, the Jersey-style vodka sauce video can help you take that first sauce to the next level in about two minutes. These videos are to-the-point, no nonsense, much like Saint Pasta’s food.

Making mezcalcello is easier than you think — especially in Arizona.EXPAND
Making mezcalcello is easier than you think — especially in Arizona.
Chris Malloy


DIY Mezcalcello

If you’re in the mood for a citrusy nightcap, this Mezcalcello recipe is a riff based on past batches of homemade limoncello. Well, it’s pretty limoncello but with mezcal instead of vodka or grain alcohol. It takes about 100 days to make, so you hopefully already started this. If not, voila, here’s a weekend project.

Who can resist a late-night CCC?
Who can resist a late-night CCC?

Late-Night Snack

Paleo Cookie from Lux

At no point in history can late-night cookies be undesirable. And to make an extra-local batch, try this recipe from Lux Central (and Lux Max and Lux North). That’s right, you can make the popular paleo cookie — a gluten-free, sugar-free favorite offering its own dose of comfort — at home.

From weed-glazed doughnuts to marijuana popcorn to cannabis garlic and rosemary pork chops.EXPAND
From weed-glazed doughnuts to marijuana popcorn to cannabis garlic and rosemary pork chops.
Kyle Brinker/Unsplash


Five Cannabis Meal Recipes

From breakfast to dessert, here are five weed-infused recipes and/or meal ideas for those cooking with cannabis. And we promise they’re easy to follow — no Dr. Green Thumb or gourmet credentials required.

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