Eddie V's Leaving DC Ranch

For a while now, we've heard rumors that both Eddie V's and Fleming's are pulling out of Scottsdale's DC Ranch. Turns out the rumor mill actually yielded some accurate info this time -- at least on one count. We spoke with the manager on duty at Eddie V's yesterday and he confirmed the restaurant is indeed hightailing it out of their current location.

No need for concern, Scottsdale-ites (or is it Scottsdalians??). The well-known seafood and steak restaurant isn't going far. The new Eddie V's will be in the Scottsdale Quarter, just a few miles from their current location. No word yet on exactly when they are leaving DC Ranch. Eddie V's lease isn't up for another year, so don't expect the move anytime soon. 

Is Fleming's following suit?

We made a few calls and no one at Fleming's seems to have heard anything about the restaurant relocating, though their DC Ranch operations manager recently transferred to another location. Hmm...Could be a sign that he knew something about the move, or could just be a random personal decision. We'll just have to wait and see if Fleming's joins the DC Ranch exodus! 

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