Foie Gras Protest Tomorrow at Christopher's Restaurant and Crush Lounge

Foie gras is on menus at some of the best restaurants in the Valley.

But tomorrow, a group of protesters will do their best to shed a different light on the culinary delicacy -- and they'll do it in front of a well-respected Phoenix restaurant, James Beard Award-winning chef Christopher Gross' Christopher's Restaurant and Crush Lounge.

From 6 to 7 p.m. on Saturday night, a group of people led by activist Dani Thumma will hold up signs and pass out literature in protest of the restaurant's use of foie gras on its French bistro-style menu.

Thumma, a 49-year-old grandmother who lives in Peoria, wrote Gross a letter, informing him about the production of foie gras, and later spoke to him on the phone. "They're going to keep foie gras on the menu," she says, "so we decided to protest."

When Thumma informed Gross that they would be protesting, "He said he couldn't wait to meet me," Thumma says.

She has just begun to put together a small group of concerned citizens in Arizona who are working to educate the public on foie gras production -- and to get chefs to remove the dish from their menus. She says that her group, which is so far made up of about 10 people, gets a lot of help from the Animal Protection and Rescue League as well as an organization called In Defense of Animals. This will be their very first protest.

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Lauren Gilger
Contact: Lauren Gilger