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Fry Girl Hit By Late-Night Sonoran Grub Truck

Late-night cheap Sonoran grub is about as easy to find in Phoenix as a flashing yellow light. That is, unless you know where to look. For you sundown socialites and twilight trollers with a case of the Mexican munchies, check out my review of La Frontera Comida Mexicana.

And speaking of twilight trollers, dig this music video for Rad Omen's "Rad Anthem," featuring our favorite fast food mascots enjoying a night on the town. Just when you think you've got them figured out, they're snorting piles of cocaine and banging strippers. Gives new meaning to the word, "fried". Comedian Nick Swardson makes a cameo as a certain pigtailed peeler. WARNING: NSFW

RAD OMEN - "Rad Anthem" from Nicholaus Goossen on Vimeo.

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Laura Hahnefeld
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