Shop Local With These Restaurant Gift Cards

Pop into Little Miss BBQ for gift cards starting at $5.
Pop into Little Miss BBQ for gift cards starting at $5. Allison Young
Forget the stereotype about gift cards being impersonal gifts. That’s only true when you don’t bother to match the gift card to the person you’re shopping for. Here’s a look at several restaurants that sell gift cards to help you treat the foodies in your life to some dining out time free, from oven mitts and dirty dishes. Be sure to ask about special offers because some restaurants offer a promotional gift card with a minimum gift card purchase.

Little Miss BBQ

Go with a Little Miss BBQ gift card if you’re shopping for a meat-lover who appreciates brisket, pastrami, and other barbecued goodies. They bring a soft touch to their rubs and smokes, so the full flavor of their meat comes through in every bite. Pop into their Sunnyslope or University location and you can buy a physical gift card in any amount from $5 to $1,000.

República Empanada

If you’re shopping for someone who has already eaten their way through all of downtown Phoenix, encourage them to expand their horizons with a gift card to República Empanada in downtown Mesa, where they can enjoy Latin American comfort food surrounded by vibrant mural art. You can buy a physical gift card in any amount at the restaurant, so maybe leave time to have a margarita while you shop.

click to enlarge Choose an Arcadia Farms gift card for the elegant lunch crowd. - CHRIS MALLOY
Choose an Arcadia Farms gift card for the elegant lunch crowd.
Chris Malloy

Arcadia Farms Café

This is the perfect choice for those folks who like to have their casually elegant lunches, and Arcadia Farms Café is also doing several tea servings during the holiday season. You can get a physical gift card at the café or order an e-card online in any amount. Of course, shopping in person will give you a chance to explore their charming Arcadia Farms Marketplace as well.

Cafe Lalibela

When you’re shopping for a foodie who likes to have a robust slate of vegetarian options, make your way to Cafe Lalibela in Tempe, where the menu includes some of the best African food in metropolitan Phoenix (there’s also meat on the menu). They’ll be happy to sell you’re a physical gift card at the restaurant or an e-card over the phone for any amount up to $200.

click to enlarge Show some local love with a Tratto gift card. - KEVIN BURTON
Show some local love with a Tratto gift card.
Kevin Burton


Treat your friends to a Tratto gift card if you want them to enjoy the talents of the team headed by James Beard Award-winning chef Chris Bianco. They’ll get a taste of the desert Southwest created with local farmers, ranchers, millers, and artisans. You can purchase gifts cards online for $20, $50, $100, or $250.

Pasta Brioni

Maybe you’ve always hoped a particular friend of a family member would get a little more adventurous when it comes to ordering off the dinner menu. Give them a physical Pasta Brioni gift card, which you can get at the restaurant, and maybe they’ll discover the joys of lobster ravioli or calamari. Or you can order a $25, $50, or $100 card on their website.

Village Tavern

Sometimes you need to shop for people without knowing the particulars of their food favorites. That’s when a gift card to Village Tavern comes in handy because they have plenty of menu items from which to choose. You can get their physical gift cards at the restaurant or online, in amounts that range from $15 to $500. For every $100 in gift cards you buy through January 9, 2022, you’ll get a promotional $20 gift card.
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