Keep an Eye Out for Stingray Sushi at the Biltmore

Let's say this up front: The new Stingray Sushi at Biltmore Fashion Park -- a spinoff of the original in Old Town Scottsdale -- is not opening any day now. But it seems to be moving forward.

The news that the hip, retro-inspired eatery (from the same folks who own tiki-tastic Drift Lounge, Asian-themed Geisha A Go Go, and another in-the-works sushi spot called Samurai Cowboy) has been out for a long time.

How long, you ask? More than a year ago, it was slated to open in spring 2009. Looks like they were off by a year, and a rough year at that.

Every time I followed up on the restaurant over the last several months, nothing's been going on.

But Stingray just applied for a new Series 12 liquor license. According to the restaurant's request, it will seat 133 in the dining room and 39 in the bar area, with outdoor seating available. Also, according to a PR rep for the restaurant, construction is underway.

I like Stingray numero uno quite a bit, so I hope somebody cracks the whip over there.


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