Guilty Pleasures

Little Caesars Introduces Bacon-Wrapped Deep Dish Pizza, Is Apparently Trying to Kill Us All

The Guilty Pleasure: Bacon-Wrapped Deep-Dish Pizza Where to Get It: Little Caesars, locations nationwide Price: $12 What it Really Costs: Each slice is 450 calories. Each. Slice.

Peak Bacon has come and gone. I mean, things with bacon on them are still delicious, but the trend of slapping bacon on anything that doesn't run away fast enough is so last year, possibly even so 2013. I'm a little wistful, but mostly relieved.

That doesn't stop people from trying, though. Case in point: Little Caesars went and lined the crust of their deep-dish pizzas with strips of bacon.

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Bacon-crust pizza isn't quite anything new. Pizza Hut tried it last summer with their Bacon Stuffed Crust pizza, which added bacon bits to the regular Stuffed Crust. Given some of the weird things I've seen (and consumed), it barely got me to bat an eyelash.

Meanwhile, this new calorific monstrosity definitely got my attention.

If you haven't tried Little Caesars' regular deep-dish pizza, I think it's worth a try at least once. It's a Detroit-style deep-dish pizza; it's baked in two small rectangular pans, with cheese distributed all the way to the edges. The cheese on the edges gets brown and crispy, and the pan configuration means every slice is a corner slice with the delectable crispy bits on two sides.

There's a pretty good amount of bacon involved here; Little Caesars proudly notes that it's three and a half feet of bacon going all the way around the pizza. It sounds like tons of bacon, but you have to remember that bacon is already long strips; we're talking maybe six slices total around a large pizza. Not insignificant, but it doesn't have the same ring as "three and a half feet of bacon".

There are two extra costs to this bacon wrapping. The first is caloric. A single slice is 450 calories. That's almost as much as a slice of the artery-clogging Meat Lover's pan pizza from rival Pizza Hut. Pair one of these pies with a gigantic tossed salad, and you have a light dinner for eight. Or pair a slice with a second slice, and you have nearly half the calories most people should eat in a day.

The second cost is financial. The bacon-wrapped pizza costs $12. As far as pizza goes that's inexpensive, but for Little Caesars it's the most expensive item on the menu, fully four bucks more than the regular deep dish pizza.

Is it worth the upcharge? Sadly, I don't think so. Part of the charm of Little Caesars' regular deep dish is the crispy cheese on the edges, and it doesn't get much of a chance to form with the bacon in the way.

However, if I were taking some pizza to a party, I'd definitely spend the extra money on the bacon-wrapped pies just to watch everyone's jaws drop.

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