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March D-List — the 20-Second Hand-Washing Lesson

The new Spinato's is off to a rough start.
The new Spinato's is off to a rough start. Courtesy of Spinato's Pizzeria

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The new Spinato's is off to a rough start.
Courtesy of Spinato's Pizzeria

Every week, the county's health inspectors within Maricopa County Environmental Services give restaurants grades after completing inspections. Participation in the rating system, however, is voluntary, which means owners or managers do not have to accept a grade after an inspection; instead, the restaurants are listed online as "not participating." And in some cases, grades posted online may change, which typically means a restaurant has provided necessary documentation for food safety or fixed a critical issue that led to a low grade. Here's a more detailed explanation of last month's report, which resulted in 17 restaurants landing on the D-list.

Spinato's Pizzeria
2108 East Rio Salado Parkway, Tempe

“Dishwasher in bar area had chlorine sanitizer concentration <10ppm. Had PIC place dishes from the bar area in the main dishwashing area in the back to be washed and sanitized properly. Please ensure all dishwashers are working properly and sanitizing dishes with the proper sanitizer concentration.“

“Meatballs in wing prep area were sitting in a metal container on the stove at a low heat setting. The meatballs internal temperature was 124*. PIC stated the meatballs had been there for less than 2 hours. Had PIC turn up the heat to allow the meatballs to reach proper internal temperature of 135* or above.“

“When Required Hose connected to mop sink in outdoor trash storage area had spray nozzle connected and lying on the ground while the faucet was turned on. Had PIC disconnect the hose from the faucet to prevent possible contamination. Please ensure spray nozzles are disconnected from hoses after use.“

Taco N More
4622 South Higley Road, Building C101, Gilbert

“Observed employees lunch including raw chicken being stored underneath prep table above onions and jalapenos. Employee moved lunch to designated area in walk-in cooler, kept raw chicken on bottom shelf. Also observed, raw fish stored behind fried tilapia and raw chorizo behind cooked bacon in pull out drawer below grill. Items were rearranged at time of inspection.“

“Observed raw eggs sitting on prep table next to grill at 65*F. PIC stated they had been left there for 40 minutes due to rush hour. Instructed PIC to place them in walk-in cooler to rapidly cool. Checked temperature at the end of inspection and temperature dropped to 41*F.“

“Observed bacon wrapped sausages underneath prep table dated from 2/24 (3 days past the discard date). Items were discarded at time of inspection.“

2095 North Dobson Road, #8, Chandler

“Observed no hot water in men's restroom. Faucet was connected to instant hot water heater. Person in charge will have technician repair water heater prior to re-inspection on 3/15/19.“

“Observed raw beef being stored above rice sticks inside prep table. Person in charge moved to bottom shelf at the time of inspection.““Observed bag of flour being stored directly on the floor in dry storage. Person in charge moved at the time of inspection.“

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Filiberto's shows up on this month's D List.
Charles Barth
Filiberto's Mexican Food
3033 East Indian School Road

“Observed employee wash utensil in 3-comp sink, rinse it, drop it in sanitizing compartment of 3-comp sink, then proceed to touch clean knives without a hand wash between actions. When brought to attention, PIC placed knives in wash compartment of 3-comp sink to be washed, rinsed, & sanitized again and had employee wash hands. “

“Observed employee wash hands for 4 seconds and then place clean gloves on hands. When brought to attention, employee washed hands for 20 seconds. Ensure hands are wet, scrubbed with soap for 20 seconds, rinsed, and dried with paper towels each time a hand wash is required.“

“Upon investigation, PIC found that prep cooler had not been plugged into electrical outlet. PIC then connected prep cooler to outlet.“

Westminster Village Inc.
12000 North 90th Street, Scottsdale

“Employee observed scratching their face then put glove on and went to work with food items. Employee was asked to wash hands.“

“Raw veal stored over cooked pasta and raw ground beef stored over pork roast in walk in cooler.“

Del Taco No. 1038
1842 South Signal Butte Road, Mesa

“No verifiable employee illness policy – operator must create an employee illness policy that workers can acknowledge being trained on that addresses the five major communicable disease symptoms and the five major communicable diseases of concern in a food establishment.“

“Cleaning method of the milkshake mixing blender arm consist of wiping with a sanitizing cloth - trained manager at time on the correct procedure for cleaning/sanitizing the blender arm. Blender arm must be washed, rinsed, and sanitized at least once every four hours from initial use.“

Zushi Japanese Bistro
6727 East McDowell Road, #110, Mesa

“Observed raw beef and bacon over cooked rice in reach-in cooler in back corner. PIC re-arranged raw beef to bottom shelf.“

“Observed imitation crab, eel, cream cheese, and shrimp at 45-49*F. PIC stated items had been left over night and were discarded at time of inspection.“

“Observed no time documentation for rice. PIC stated rice was made at 11:00AM (1.5 hours prior to inspection) and instructed PIC to log information for current date.“

Las Sendas Golf Club
7555 East Eagle Crest Drive, Mesa

“Observed green chili pork in hot holding unit at 129*F. PIC stated pork had been there for 1 hour and was re-heated to 165*F for 15 seconds before placing back in the unit.“

“Observed green salsa in walk-in cooler dated 3/7 (1 day past the discard date). Salsa was discared at time of inspection. TCS food must not exceed 7 days.“

Moon Valley Country Club
151 West Moon Valley Drive

“Observed employee wrapping a grilled chicken wrap with bare hands prior to plating, stopped employee and instructed him to re-make item with gloves on.“

“Handsink behind bar being used to store employees personal items and was completely inaccessible, had employees relocate personal items to a designated location.“

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Zipps Sports Grill
John Ormond
Zipps Sports Grill
8380 East Via De Ventura, Scottsdale

“When to Wash. Observed employee take their gloves off and put new gloves on. Employee then proceeded to change tasks without washing hands before. Person in charge (PIC) had them wash their hands. “

“No detection of chlorine sanitizer at dish level for both the kitchen and the bar dishwasher. Both dishwashers were ran three times without a change of chlorine reading. Facility set up three compartment sink until dishwashers are sanitizing at 50-100ppm chlorine as per manufacture specifications.“

“Observed cooked sausage at 50 degrees F, marinara sauce at 49 degrees F, cooked mushrooms at 50 degrees, and shredded cheese at 48 degrees F; in the prep cooler at the end of the kitchen line. PIC had stated that the food had been there since the morning around ten am; PIC discarded those food items.“

Delta Hotels by Marriott Phoenix-Mesa
200 North Centennial Way, Mesa

“Observed mechanical dishwasher machine sanitizing at 0-10 ppm. In the meantime all dishwashing should be done at the three compartment sink.“

“Observed white plastic container with butter right next to the toaster in front of the main prep line at 58 *F-66 *F. Per PIC it has only been outside for no more than an hour. Butter was put back inside the walk-in at time of inspection. All TCS items must be kept at 41*F or below.“

Murrietas Carniceria No. 2
1911 West Broadway Road, #12-16, Mesa

“Observed employee wash hands for less than 10 seconds prior to food handling. Also observed employee dry hands on apron. Discussed proper hand washing with the PIC and proper hand washing procedure with the PIC. Employee rewashed hands for the required 20 seconds and dried using a disposable towel at the time of inspection. Discussed the importance of proper hand washing with the PIC.“

“Observed deli slicer on food prep counter with accumulation of food debris on food contact surfaces. Per PIC, the deli slicer was not used the day of the inspection. PIC washed, rinsed, and sanitized the deli slicer at the time of inspection. Discussed cleaning frequency of food contact surfaces with the PIC. Discussed the importance of storing all food contact surfaces clean. Repeat violation. This is the third consecutive violation.“

Swaddee Thai Cuisine
5055 West Ray Road, #8 Chandler

“Observed water bottles with twist off caps on various location through out kitchens — please use cups with lids and straws and set all at a designated area for employees.“

“Observed male staff changed out gloves without practice hand washing first, owner's husband touched raw chicken then wiped on the dried cloth at the wok's cooking section, he was also observed not practice hand washing before touching touching items inside line refrigerator.“

“Excessive black residues coated on the white manifold inside ice maker machine where ice falling down .... addressed health code violation with owner —- please clean this section thoroughly prior to re-inspection.“

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Improper hand-washing is certain to earn Phoenix-area restaurants a spot on the dreaded D-List.
Lindsay Moore
Gus's New York Pizza
2755 North 91st Avenue, #100

“Observed employee run water on bare hands at handwashing sink and use bare hands to funnel water into carrot stick container. Employee then placed container in fridge. Per employee, carrot sticks had already been washed and are ready to be served with wings. When brought to attention, PIC washed hands, placed gloves on hands, drained water into prep sink, and rewashed the carrot sticks.“

“Observed multiple containers partially cooked wings and shredded cheese in walk-in at 47-50 degrees F. Per employee, it was noticed that the fridge was cold 1-2 hours prior to inspection. Per employee, these items have been in unit since last night. When brought to attention, employee discarded cheese and wings. Observed tomato sauce on edge of grill near pizza oven at 94-99 degrees F. Per employee, sauce came from can and was placed near oven at 11 am (4 hours prior to inspection). When brought to attention, employee discarded tomato sauce. Ensure sauce is kept in fridge.“

“Observed a black and white mold-like substance in crack and under tape in contact with salad. Per employee, the container broke and they attempted to fix it by placing tape over the crack a while ago. When brought to attention, employee discarded the container along with the salad. Never try to repair a crack in food containers. Throw all cracked food containers in the trash. All food contact surfaces must be safe and easily cleanable. Corrected At Time Of Inspection.“

Biscuits Café
2040 South Alma School Road, Chandler

“Observed employee handle dirty dishes in the dish pit, and then go to wash their hands in the 3 compartment sink with detergent used for dishware before handling clean dishware. Discussed with employee that hands must be washed at the hand sink using soap and warm water for 20 seconds. Employee then washed hands in the hand sink for 20 seconds.“

“Observed a metal container of French toast batter (containing eggs) sitting in watery ice with an internal temperature of 50'f. Per employee the French toast has been in the ice for approximately 30 minutes. Employee added more ice to the bin.“

“Observed the mop sink in the back room of the kitchen with a spray nozzle attached downstream of the AVB. PIC removed the spray nozzle at the time of inspection. Attachments such spray nozzles, and Y-valves should never be attached downstream of an AVB. A document on approved mop sink set-ups was emailed to the establishment.“

Buca Di Beppo
3828 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale

"In reach in refrigerator (nearest to bar entrance), observed tray of raw calamari stored below trays of raw chicken. This was eventually discarded due to temperature issues discovered later in inspection. Also observed container of raw shrimp over packages of sauce (reduced oxygen packages). The container of raw shrimp was moved to a different location."

"Mop sink used in establishment is not an approved set up in Maricopa County."

Buffalo Spot
1537 West Broadway Road, #101, Tempe

"Observed quat sanitizer in the 3 compartment sink with dishes that were being washed that was above 400 ppm. PIC refilled the sanitizer concentration to the correct amount and rewashed the dishes upon request."

"AVB at mop sink with a hose and spray nozzle attached was leaking. PIC removed the spray nozzle upon request."
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