Meaty Girl: Irish Breakfast at The Dubliner

The Dubliner All-Day Irish Breakfast
This hearty dish consists of black and white pudding, two fried eggs cooked to order, rashers (slabs of bacon), potatoes, sausages, tomatoes, and brown bread. Black pudding (sometimes known as blood pudding) is a staple of a traditional breakfast in England, Scotland, and Ireland. The sausage is made by cooking blood with a filler until it thickens. Common fillers include oatmeal, barley, and sweet potatoes. The Dubliner's black pudding (the circular sausage in the front of the image above) was very rich and flavorful. It smells like traditional pork sausage but has a sweet and spicy taste. White pudding (behind the black pudding above) is an important addition to the Irish breakfast, and doesn't contain any animal blood. Instead, it's made with pork meat and fat. Like the black pudding, the white pudding was very flavorful, but had a spicier kick. The sausage links were decent, but had a somewhat soft texture and bland pork taste. For protein fiends who don't mind trying some different types of sausage, this is one heck of a day-starter. -- Niki D'Andrea 

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