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Michael Rusconi Dishes on Vincent Guerithault, What He Learned at Lon's and His Pet Peeve When He's the Guy Getting Waited On

This is part two of my interview with Michael Rusconi, chef-owner of the new Rusconi's American Kitchen. If you missed part one, where Rusconi dishes about his guilty pleasure and what he metaphorically eats for breakfast, read it here.

See also: Two New Brunches Hit the Valley in October: Mastro's Gets Its First (Bloody Mary Bar!) and Lon's Updates Theirs with Outdoor Marketplace Favorite thing to eat growing up: Growing up, I loved polenta and stew. We often ate at my grandparents' house and it was an incredible spread. My grandfather would prepare the polenta in the backyard over an open flame in a copper pot. We'd pair it with braised quail or dove stew and a spread of vegetables. It was like a gourmet, home-cooked buffet.

Favorite thing to eat now: Roasted duck with kabocha squash dumplings and a sweet and sour cranberry jus. I make it!

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Nikki Buchanan