Mucho Macho Taco Coming Soon, Courtesy of Former Tacos Atoyac Owner

If you're a taco eater you'll likely remember -- with a shudder -- when Tacos Atoyac closed its doors suddenly in March. The team behind the popular Mexican restaurant, Daniel Maldonado and Pablo Lopez, had gone their separate ways.

Lopez returned less than two months later -- same space, same concept, new name: Restaurant Atoyac Estilo Oaxaca.

Now it's Maldonado's turn. He and new partner Aaron Miller are back in action and ready to announce a next project coming soon to central Phoenix.

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Maldonado and Miller will open a new restaurant, Mucho Macho Taco, at 5341 N. Seventh Avenue. The space, which was formerly Two Hippies Pizzeria, is located on the southeast corner of 7th Avenue and Missouri, next door to French Grocery.

The owners are in the process of building out the space right now and expect to be open in about four weeks, Maldonado says.

There's no menu yet, but like Tacos Atoyac the new restaurant will focus on affordable fare including street tacos, burros, and tortas using housemade tortillas.

Maldonado, who was born in Chlie, landed in the Valley, specially Luke Air Force Base, while serving in the air force. Prior to opening Tacos Atoyac he worked at restaurants including Roy's Hawaiian Fusion, Arrowhead Country Club, and Moon Valley Country Club, where he and his former business partner met.

Stay tuned for more details about Mucho Macho Taco and keep an eye on the Mucho Macho Taco Twitter.

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