Myke Olsen baking at a pop-up outside of Cider Corps. Myke's Pizza will be moving inside.EXPAND
Myke Olsen baking at a pop-up outside of Cider Corps. Myke's Pizza will be moving inside.
Jackie Mercandetti

Myke's Pizza to Get Brick-and-Mortar Location Inside Mesa's Cider Corps

Myke's Pizza makes one of metro Phoenix's absolute best pizzas, as we wrote last week. This was always incredible given that Myke Olsen, leader of the pop-up, had no pizzeria. He baked pies in portable ovens on a Mesa sidewalk, persevering through elements and Sonoran heat that made the process of handling dough much harder.

Not anymore, though. Olsen is getting a pizzeria.

And, in a move that adds a stellar one-two combo to Mesa’s Main Street, he is getting a pizzeria inside of Cider Corps — which will be expanding to accommodate him and to broaden its operations.

Cider Corps, run by brothers Josh and Jason Duren, has been brewing an eye-popping lineup of ciders in Mesa since late 2017. The brothers Duren make some standard hard apple ciders, but also sippables that stretch what cider can be. Violet ciders. Ciders aged in bourbon barrels. Ciders made, around the Fourth of July, to taste like summer pies.

Cider Corps will be expanding its already-spacious seating area to include a patio as well. It will be taking over a 2,000-square-foot space adjacent to the cidery and using it to upgrade bottling ability. This'll increase capacity so that every style brewed for taps in the Cider Corps tap room will also be available in to-go bottles.

Construction is underway. The plan is for Olsen to be set and slinging pies by mid-March. He and pizza partner and co-owner Manoly Kladovasilakis plan to eventually serve side dishes and salads in addition to pizza. They have upgraded from two one-pizza ovens to a single oven that can hold five pizzas at a time.

Major upgrades all around.

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