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May Restaurant D-List: Watch Those Floors and Ceilings

Beware the hot dog rack.
Beware the hot dog rack. Elizabeth Whitman
Every week, the county's health inspectors within Maricopa County Environmental Services give restaurants grades after completing inspections. Participation in the rating system, however, is voluntary, which means owners or managers do not have to accept a grade after an inspection; instead, the restaurants are listed online as  "not participating." And in some cases, grades posted online may change, which typically means a restaurant has provided necessary documentation for food safety or fixed a critical issue that led to a low grade. Here's a more detailed explanation of last month's report, which resulted in 17 restaurants landing on the D-List.

Rosati's Pizza

4206 East Chandler Boulevard

"Observed carton of raw shell eggs stored on top shelf in walk-in refrigerator over cooked pasta, cooked deli meat products and various other ready to eat foods."

"Prep refrigerator used for pizza has several components in disrepair. Both lid coverings for the top side are broken and do not easily stay on. The gaskets on the lower compartment doors are also moderately damaged."

Mariscos Altata

5828 West Indian School Road

"No working food temp measuring device was present at facility at time of inspection."

"Employee observed touching ready-to-eat ice with gloves after preparing food for service without washing hand or changing gloves."

"Employee observed using the hand sink as a dump sink."

Marshall's Kitchen

730 South 15th Avenue

"No hand drying towels available at hand washing sink in kitchen or restroom."

"Large 2-door cooler contained green pepper with white and black sticky material growing on exterior surface."

"Manager washed raw chicken using gloves and then proceeded to put on new gloves and touch clean, single use dish ware without first washing hands."

Los Armando's Mexican Food

4732 East Thomas Road

"Ceiling in kitchen area found heavily stained and in poor repair from water leak."

"Scoops, tongs, and Styrofoam cups found submerged in multiple food items in walk-in refrigerator such as, green salsa, pico de gallo, and beef soup."

click to enlarge Watch those dogs at Circle K. - WIKIMEDIA COMMONS
Watch those dogs at Circle K.
Wikimedia Commons

Circle K No. 3405

2120 West Northern Avenue

"Observed slimy residue build-up in nozzles of soda machine in west side of store."

"Observed packaged pre-cooked jalapeno cheeseburgers and jalapeno cheese stuffed pretzels in hot holding unit next to donut display case measuring between 42 - 80 degrees F."

"PIC was unable to locate sanitizer test strips."

Los Reyes Mexican Food

6719 West Thomas Road, Suite W-1

"Employee observed cracking raw egg and then tried to touch deli meat."

"Rice made over 24 hours before in the cooler did not have any date marking."

"Vent above food prep area is soiled with grease, dust, and food debris."

Yogis Grill Peoria

3121 West Peoria Avenue, #105

"Cooked breaded chicken in pan on ice that was almost completely melted, was at 46-51° .F"

"Mop faucet that was equipped with an atmospheric vacuum breaker had a y-valve attached and both water valves were left on."

Cobblestone Car Wash

1855 South Signal Butte Road, Mesa

"Hand soap unavailable at the food handler hand washing sink."

"Tornado roll as the only item on the hot dog roller machine at time found at 121F - tornado embargoed at time and discarded by manager at time. Maintain all hot held potentially hazardous foods at 135F and higher."

Hilton Hotel

2929 West Frye Road, Chandler

"Observed raw bacon and raw sausage stored on a speed rack above cooked chicken, and chocolate bars."

click to enlarge The Native Grill & Wings gets a D. - COURTESY OF NATIVE GRILL & WINGS
The Native Grill & Wings gets a D.
Courtesy of Native Grill & Wings

Native Grill & Wings

4972 South Power Road, Suite C-106, Gilbert

"Observed employee go from working with raw chicken, remove gloves and then put on new gloves to start making food for orders."

"Observed a couple cockroaches near the mop sink and by ice machine."

"Observed heavily soiled milk crates being used to store things off the ground."

"Observed build up of food debris throughout establishment."

The Buffalo Spot

2080 West Northern Avenue

"Observed gloved employee cleaning mixing utensil in 3-compartment sink then go directly to mixing jalapeno pineapple sauce without washing hands."

"Observed employee in kitchen spray off mixing utensil in 3-compartment sink then use utensil to mix jalapeno pineapple sauce."

Green Mix

2160 East Baseline Road, #128

"Observed all staff not using proper steps while washing hands."

"Observed one staff consistently touching glasses, wiping nose....another staff picked up knife from floor with gloves....both returned to prepare lunch food without changing gloves and practice wash hands in between."

"Chlorine concentration for the wiping cloth noted excessively strong greater than 200ppm."

click to enlarge Angry Crab Shack found a spot on the D list last month. - JOSEPH FLAHERTY
Angry Crab Shack found a spot on the D list last month.
Joseph Flaherty

Angry Crab Shack BBQ

2808 East Indian School Road

"Observed employee using hands to rinse dirty dishes and load dish machine, and then immediately begin putting clean dishes away without washing hands."

"Establishment served raw oysters and keeps shell stock tags but does not indicate the date that the last item of each batch has been used or discarded."

"Cold water is not available at hand sink near dish machine in back kitchen."

Cracker Barrel No. 619

9340 West Glendale Avenue, Glendale

"Observed cook pull up visibly soiled pants with gloves on then grab chicken fried steak with same gloves on."

"Observed milk cartons in large reach-in fridge at server station at 47-48 degrees F."

Ryu Sushi & Teppanyaki

2512 South Val Vista, #101, Gilbert

"Observed in use dish machine sanitizing with 0 ppm."

"Establishment does not have any probing thermometers on hand."

"Observed several ceiling times and air vents to be very dirty."

Wendy's No. 169

1816 West Warner Road, Chandler

"Observed person in charge (PIC) apply soap to hands, wet hands, lather for around 3 seconds then rinse."

"The chemical spray bottles stored above the boxes of fryer oil."

"Observed a large gap between the door of the ice machine and the front of the machine, exposing the ice inside the machine to potential contamination."
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