Pollo Sabroso Replaces El Pollo Correteado in Downtown Phoenix

The restaurant name may be different but chicken is still the star at Pollo Sabroso, the charcoal-grilled chicken hut at 16th Street and Jefferson in Downtown Phoenix.

Replacing the former El Pollo Correteado, new owners James Wolson and Giovanni Bottiani opened Pollo Sabroso (Spanish for tasty chicken) last week after a few months of renovations which included doing away with Correteado's bright orange paint job.

Read on for the full menu and restaurant details.

A small menu includes affordable offerings of whole, half, and quarter pieces of seasoned, rotisserie chicken cooked over charcoal as well as sides of beans (Bottiani's recipe), rice, potatoes, french fries, fried yucca, and plantains to guests who can opt to eat inside the no-frills space or take it to go via the drive-thru.

While I remember fully enjoying El Pollo Correteado's chicken with its crispy, well-seasoned skin and tender meat -- not to mention the array of accompanying sides, including fresh tortillas, salsa, onions, lemons, and smoked jalapeños -- Pollo Sabroso's was certainly tasty and a nice alternative to going the chain route. Make sure to ask for the spicy pico de gallo to give your meal an extra kick.

Pollo Sabroso 1602 East Jefferson Street 480-538-5343 (phone not in service at time of post)

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