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Pomo Pizzeria Closes in Downtown Gilbert

Pomo Pizzeria in Gilbert has closed.
Pomo Pizzeria in Gilbert has closed. Courtesy of Pomo
The popular collection of restaurants in Gilbert's Heritage District is short a pizza joint as Pomo Pizzeria has announced its closure.

The restaurant, located on Gilbert Road sandwiched between Zinburger and Petersen's Ice Cream, opened in July 2015. For almost seven years, the restaurant served pizza, pasta, and salads in a modern, comfortable setting with a large patio.

On June 2, owners posted to the restaurant's Instagram account announcing that, "with a heavy heart," the Gilbert location is now closed.

Comments poured out in support of the local spot, with customers exclaiming that they are, "devastated" and "so sad to hear this." Some vowed to travel to the local chain's other locations.  Downtown Phoenix, Biltmore area, and Scottsdale locations of the pizzeria remain open. 
click to enlarge Other locations of Pomo Pizzeria, including one in downtown Phoenix, remain open. - POMO PIZZERIA
Other locations of Pomo Pizzeria, including one in downtown Phoenix, remain open.
Pomo Pizzeria

Pomo prides itself on selling true-to-style Neapolitan pizza which is fired in a 900-degree pizza oven for a mere 60 to 90 seconds. The pizza earned Pomo a certification of authenticity from the Association of Verace Pizza Napoletana.

Pomo is the brainchild of Stefano Fabbri, an Italian chef who moved to the U.S. in 2009. The first location in Scottsdale opened a year later, in 2010. 
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