The banner for Taco Migo's new name, Migo's, hangs out front over the old sign.
The banner for Taco Migo's new name, Migo's, hangs out front over the old sign.

¿Qué pasa con Taco Migo? Fast Food Spot in Tempe Changes Its Concept and Name After Just a Few Months

In July, I reported on a new taco shop in Tempe called Taco Migo. Located on Baseline Road in what used to be an abandoned lot across from Arizona Mills mall and right off I-10, the fast-casual taqueria's food was average at best, but it did offer alcohol and a unique selling point: it was open all day, every day.

Sadly, the 24-hour concept failed to catch on with Tempe's late-night crowd, and within months, Taco Migo scaled back to more conventional hours of operation.

Now, less than six months later, Taco Migo has made another adjustment -- it's reinvented itself as a casual, sit-down restaurant.

The new interior at Migo's.
The new interior at Migo's.

Now called Migo's and open for a little over a week, the restaurant's interior has been remodeled, the drive-thru is no more, and the menu has changed to include wine and reflect higher-priced Mexican specialties like chile rellenos and shrimp empanada. The patio's been updated as well and includes bright red umbrellas and large plants.

Migo's friendly hostess told the mini chimis, flautas, and al pastor street tacos were the best dishes, and that the restaurant is currently giving twenty-percent off to customers who give the new concept a try.

But unless the food has improved to match the higher prices, I fear this new, sit-down casual concept won't last much longer than Taco Migo's 24-hour operating hours did.

What say you Tempe taco fans? Have you been to Migo's yet? What did you think?

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