Quite Possibly One of the Best Italian Subs in Phoenix

How do I tell my friend I hate his band? Am I taking the right vitamin supplements? What the hell do I do with the $35 Aunt Mary sent me for my birthday?

Life's complicated enough. The last thing anyone needs is another decision to make -- like where should I go for one of the best Italian subs in Phoenix.

The needs have already been identified: Fresh bread, decent ingredients, and cheap. So allow me to make this decision an easy one.

Step One: Make a beeline for Niccoli's Italian Deli, the old-school shop tucked into a strip mall in East Phoenix that's been around since 1955 and comes courtesy of its friendly and endearing owners, Joe and Peppy Niccoli.

Step Two: Say, "I'd like an Italian Sub, please."

Step Three: Enjoy a simple yet exceptional sub layered with four kinds of Italian meats, cheese, tomatoes, onions, peperoncini, shredded lettuce, and dripping with a wonderful house made, herb-filled Italian dressing on fresh baked bread. With Niccoli's new dining area, it's easy to sit back and enjoy the goodness of what might possibly be one of the best Italian subs in Phoenix. And with its price point of eight bucks, this decision is a no-brainer.

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