September Restaurant D-List: Just Wash Your Hands and No One Gets Hurt — Seriously

September Restaurant D-List: Just Wash Your Hands and No One Gets Hurt — SeriouslyEXPAND
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Every week, the county's health inspectors within Maricopa County Environmental Services give restaurants grades after completing inspections. Participation in the rating system, however, is voluntary, which means owners or managers do not have to accept a grade after an inspection; instead, the restaurants are listed online as "not participating." And in some cases, grades posted online may change, which typically means a restaurant has provided necessary documentation for food safety or fixed a critical issue that led to a low grade. Here's a more detailed explanation of last month's report, which resulted in a number of restaurants landing on the D-list.

Ralph’s Snack Bar No. 849

“When asked where the the pan of tamales in the hot holding display case were made, the manager stated that she brought them from a lady that makes them at her home. Explained to manager that homemade food is not allowed, all food must be from an approved source.”

“At the time of inspection, raw shell eggs were stored above limes, hot dogs and pre-cooked chicken.”

Pedrito's Mexican Food

311 West Main Street, Mesa

“Observed line cook crack raw shell eggs onto stove and went to begin cooking. She went to change her gloves without washing hands.”

“Observed some cut cabbage and whole tomato with mold growing on surface, in the back of the cold holding walk-in.”

Ralph’s Snack Bar No. 905

“Mobile food unit was suspended to due to no other mechanical means of refrigerator.”

“Per operator, the driver of the mobile food unit obtains tamales from a street vendor that does not have a valid permit to operator. The product did no have any packaging, labels or receipts to confirm proof of source.”

“Observed a small leak of waste water leaking onto the ground coming from the water water tank of the mobile food unit. The operator tried to stop the leak, but was unable to stop the leak.”

Ralph’s Snack Bar No. 857

“Observed employee in cook line, crack raw shell eggs then handle outer packaging of tortilla bag in cook line.”

“During inspection observed wastewater valve not completely shut off and sewage being disposed directly on to ground under mobile food unit.”

Cindy’s Arizona Cafe

124 East McKellips Road, Mesa

“Observed baby cockroaches behind sandwich prep table and small freezer in kitchen area.”

“Observed employee buss tables and proceed to grab clean utensils without first washing hands.”

Salvadoreno Restaurant

303 East Southern Avenue, #113, Mesa

“Observed German Cockroaches throughout kitchen area.”

“Observed raw chorizo stored above shredded chicken, potatoes, shrimp and beef.”

Filiberto's shows up on last month's D-List.EXPAND
Filiberto's shows up on last month's D-List.
Charles Barth

Filiberto’s Mexican Food

209 North 24th Street

“Observed an employee rolling and lifting burritos with their bare hands in direct contact with the tortilla.”

“Observed two packages of raw sausage stored directly on top of two packages of tortillas in the walk-in fridge.”

Speedy Street Tacos

15 North 40th Street

“The establishment does not have a probe thermometer or any effective means of checking the temperature of food.”

“The establishment's fridge and prep fridge are both out of temperature. No other adequate refrigeration is present.”

Carniceria El Rancho Grande

4227 South Central Avenue

“Throughout the deli and bakery, observed multiple eclectic fly catchers that were completely full of dead flying insects.”

“In the storage area near the grills and main cooking area, observed a build up of food debris and organic matter underneath all of the shelves.”

Pho Number One

1955 West Baseline Road, #114, Mesa

“Observed heavy buildup of grease and food debris on walls and floor behind wok line. Buildup of food debris was also observed on container rims and container sides in dry storage.

“Microwave in the back of kitchen was also observed with considerable amount of stuck on food debris.”

“Observed raw beef being stored above cooked beef, onion and peppers in bottom of prep table.”

Americana Tempe

350 South Mill Avenue, #101, Tempe

“Cook observed handling raw hamburger and then changing his gloves without washing his hands.”

“Cook observed putting a ready to eat food items (pico do gallo) onto a plate with his bare hands.”

“Slicer observed encrusted with dried food. Per manager the slicer is broken down about once a week (slicer is used for tomatoes and prime rib).”

Paris of Scottsdale

4280 North Drinkwater Boulevard, #100, Scottsdale

“Organic residue found on soda gun heads at self-service soft drink station.”

“Observed spray bottles at the bar containing a clear solution in them. The PIC was not able to identify the solution.”

Poky’s Cocina

“During inspection observed wastewater valve not completely shut off and sewage being disposed directly on to ground under mobile food unit at event.“

“Observed small leak located in p trap under 3 compartment sink, with grey water dropping onto flooring of mobile food unit.”

Old Country Buffet No. 149

9620 North Metro Parkway West

“Areas around and behind equipment have accumulation of food, grease, etc. Floor sinks at self serve area are completely covered in black slimy matter.”

“Observed tomato/ onion dicer (with removeable rubber piece) to have significant accumulation of yellow/ white matter. Per staff, item has never been disassembled for cleaning.”

Morning Star Assisted Living at Arcadia

3200 East Glenrosa Avenue

“Raw turkey and fish stored over ready to eat food items in the reach in cooler at the end of the cookline area.”

“Cooked sausage, hamburger, turkey item, beans, beef items in the walk in cooler and reach in coolers without date marks.”

“Caper sauce and turkey deli meat items in walk in cooler with no date marks. PIC was unsure of when items were made and discarded all items.”

Angry Crab Shack found a spot on the D list last month.EXPAND
Angry Crab Shack found a spot on the D list last month.
Joseph Flaherty

Angry Crab Shack BBQ

2808 East Indian School Road

“In reach-in refrigerator near lobster tanks there were two cartons of raw shelled eggs and a package of raw chorizo being stored on the top shelf above corn, potatoes, and cooked sausage.”

“Observed multiple employees lather with soap and rinse soap off immediately prior to turning off handle with hands instead of paper towel.”

Hamachi Asian Bistro

1440 South Country Club Drive, #3, Mesa

“Observed 2 cans of insecticide, and 2 cans of flea/tick spray inside the establishment. PIC discarded the 4 cans.”

“Observed cut tofu in a metal container sitting on top of watery ice. The internal temperature of the tofu was 64'F. Per PIC, the tofu had been out for less than hour, and was moved to the prep cooler to rapidly cool.”

Bella Vista Senior Living

1825 West Emelita Avenue, Mesa

“Observed the cook (one cook on duty) use gloved hands to crack raw shell eggs into a frying pan and use the same gloved hands to handle plates that were to be plated for service, without changing gloves or washing hands.”

“Observed crack and cook 2 undercooked fried eggs (for resident), a pan full of cracked and scrambled (combined) eggs, combined raw in pitcher and in pancake batter (according to cook).”

Oasis Catering No. 753

“At the time of inspection, observed cook touch a trash bag and return to cooking food without first washing her hands.”

“At the time of inspection, observed blender used to make salsa to be cracked and not smooth nor easily cleanable.”

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