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Shine Coffee to Become Rollover Doughnuts + Coffee on Saturday, October 4

Here's some big news for fans of Short Leash Hot Dog's sweet sister concept, Rollover Doughnuts: The food truck has a permanent home before its wheels have even hit the streets.

That's right, Rollover Doughnuts, the yet-to-be-revealed doughnut food truck from Brad and Kat Moore, is already making the move to brick-and-mortar. Shine Coffee owners Christiaan and Laryn Block have transferred ownership of their business to the Moores, who will use it to house an expanded version of their latest concept, Rollover Doughnuts + Coffee.

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Short Leash will take ownership of Shine Coffee on Wednesday, October 1. Kat says they'll take a few days to make the transition before the official grand opening of Rollover Doughnuts + Coffee on Saturday, October 4.

Shine Coffee fans need not fret, Kat says the current staff will stay on board.

Earlier this summer the Moores announced their plans to launch a doughnut food truck called Rollover Doughnuts. Kat tells us the brick-and-mortar location won't affect the plans for the truck, which have been delayed due the difficulty of getting parts for the 1964 International.

They're currently in the process of getting the Rollover Doughnuts truck wrapped and hope to be able to unveil it at the launch of Rollover Doughnuts + Coffee, she says.

Shine Coffee, located at 10 W. Vernon, began as a retro-cool mobile coffee bar housed inside an Airstream trailer. It moved to its current home in 2012.

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