Sergio and Country Velador of Super Chunk will soon be offering more of a good thing.EXPAND
Sergio and Country Velador of Super Chunk will soon be offering more of a good thing.
Courtesy of Country Velador

Super Chunk Sweets & Treats to Expand

What’s the way to make a great dessert even better? Have more of it.

So it’s delicious news that Super Chunk Sweets & Treats in Old Town Scottsdale is about to expand.

When the doctor’s office next door moved out, owners Sergio and Country Velador decided to make their move. If all goes well, the enlarged new Super Chunk will open its doors in late April.

“Space became available, and we had a chance to expand our business and our menu,” Sergio says. “This has always been our plan, but it came a lot sooner than we expected.”

If you've followed the Veladors for long, you know these two always have a surprise or two up the proverbial sleeve. Fans love Super Chunk for hard-to-find items like cannelles and crazy-complicated candies, as well as basic items like brownies and pie. The shop has won national attention for its desert-inspired mesquite chocolate chip cookie. The menu also features such playful entries as the "John & Yoko," a honey cake soaked in tres leches. Country's not afraid to tackle bagels, either.

But Sergio and Country have a grander vision for their precocious patisserie. By absorbing the property next door, they will add 1,100 square feet to their business. They’ll have more seating, new entrances, and an ever-expanding dessert bar. Super Chunk will offer more retail as well, including cooking utensils for creating your own confections.

"We are planning on bringing in cake stands, cookie jars, [and] butcher blocks," Country says. She'll hold onto her day job as pastry chef at Cowboy Ciao a few storefronts over. The shelves of the newly-expanded Super Chunk will showcase brands including Izola, Fishs Eddy, and Sir/Madam.

"We are on the search for local products as well," she adds. "We will be starting off very small and adding as our business grows."

Long after establishing Super Chunk as a sweet spot, the Veladors will also have a chance to showcase their sandwiches, such as their soppressata and schmaltz chicken salad.

“The key is small-batch, handcrafted,” Sergio says. “But we’ll be able to add a lot more retail. We’ll expand our savory side. We already have pour-over coffee and unique espresso and latte drinks, but we’ll be able to have a shelf that has different types of coffee as well.”

The Veladors eventually want to sell liquor, but until then, Super Chunk has a BYOB policy, and they will soon install a tap for “nitro coffee.” This revolutionary concept adds carbonation to coffee and gives it the texture of dark beer.

“We do have our staple items,” Sergio says, “but we’re always looking to find what’s new.”

To learn more about Super Chunk, visit the company's website.

At Super Chunk, more square footage will mean more sweets, plus sandwiches.
At Super Chunk, more square footage will mean more sweets, plus sandwiches.
Photo courtesy of W. Brent Armstrong, AIA

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