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Tucson's Obon Will Bring Sushi, Ramen and Creative Craft Coctkails to Scottsdale Quarter This February

This February, Obon, a Tucson restaurant specializing in sushi, ramen, and Orient-inspired craft cocktails, will open the doors to their second location — this time here in the Valley at Scottsdale Quarter, the North Scottsdale shopping center. The concept will open up at the corner where TK’s Tavern formerly resided.

Tucson native and founder Brandon Katz of Fukushu Restaurant Concepts will be bringing Obon’s signature look — refined Japanese wood and steel, lit by creative lighting — with executive chef Paulo Im’s signature flavor. Like the Tucson menu, Scottsdale’s will bounce between appetizers and entrees kissed with Korean influence — steak bibimbap and barbecued short ribs (“Korean style so nice,” the menu reads) — multiple ramen styles, and an expansive list of sushi rolls, raw crudos, and Im’s modern take on nigiri.

Obon has also earned a reputation for shaking up some of Tucson’s best, and most creative, craft cocktails under the helm of heyday-Scott & Co. alum Matt Martinez. Known for his culinarily driven, often conceptual libations, the cocktail menu will debut with tried-and-true favorites from the Tucson location, until they get a feel for how experimental Scottsdale is willing to go. Ditto for their sake — “If sake catches on, I intend on bringing it more toward the focal point for this Obon location,” Martinez says.

The address for the location is 15059 North Scottsdale Road, Suite J1-195.
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Shelby Moore