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Vincent Guerithault's Lobster Chimichanga

This week we talked life and shop with Phoenix food scene veteran Vincent Guerithault. Today he shares a classic Vincent on Camelback recipe.

Lobster Chimichanga

¾ pound fresh lobster meat
1 large leek, white part diced
1/3 cup heavy cream
Salt and white pepper
4 flour tortillas, 7" in diameter
2 ounces goat cheese, cut into 4 portions
2 cups vegetable shortening
Cilantro Beurre Blanc

Find out the method and how to make Cilantro Beurre Blanc after the jump.

Blanch the lobster meat for 2 minutes in boiling water and set it aside.
Blanch the diced leek for 1 to 2 minutes to soften.
Pour the cream into a heavy pan and cook it over medium-high heat for several minutes until it thickens.
Add the blanched leek and season to taste.
Allow the mixture to cool.
To assemble, spread the center of each tortilla with a quarter of the reduced cream and leek mixture. Place a portion of the goat cheese and a quarter of the lobster meat slightly off-center on each tortilla. Fold 2 sides of the tortillas over the filling, roll them up tightly, and secure each roll with a toothpick. Heat the shortening to about 365˚F in a deep pot and deep fry the chimichangas for 3 to 4 minutes, or until they are cooked through and a deep golden brown. Drain briefly on paper towels. Serve the chimichangas with cilantro beurre blanc.

Cilantro Beurre Blanc

1 cup white wine
1 cup white wine vinegar
1 tbsp. chopped shallots
1 tbsp. heavy cream
1 pound unsalted butter, cut into 8 cubes
¼ cup chopped cilantro

Put the wine, vinegar and shallots in a skillet and reduce the mixture over moderate heat
until the liquid is completely gone and only the shallots remain. Whisk in the cream and
softened butter, 1 cube at a time. Add the chopped cilantro. Serve the sauce hot, but do not allow it to boil.

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