Five WWE Wrestlers With Surprising Taste in Music (feat. Daniel Bryan's Indie Single)

Yeah, he'll probably be on this list.
Yeah, he'll probably be on this list.
Courtesy of World Wrestling Entertainment

I'm going to be honest, here: As a pro wrestling fan who swore off the stuff after WCW hired Vince Russo (come on), I was under the impression that WWE Raw--at the US Airways Center next Monday--was basically a miasma of post-grunge and post-post-grunge and rap-rock at this point, and that its wrestlers were basically into the same stuff. Compared to Jake the Snake's theme, this was obviously a huge step down.

But Benjamin Leatherman, our actual clubs editor and de facto pro wrestling editor, let me know I was wrong. Which was easy for him, since he'd interviewed CM Punk about it a while back on this very blog. Here, then, as penitence, are five wrestlers whose musical tastes might surprise you.

Especially if your last Favorite Wrestler was Koko B. Ware.

5. Daniel Bryan

The erstwhile Bryan Danielson's idiosyncratic tendencies earned him

a GQ interview

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. ("He carries himself like your friend's half-awkward stoner little brother.")

It also led the all-too-brief WWE Champion to a song with Kimya Dawson about Lou Albano--you may remember him from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, if you weren't a WWF fan. It's just proof that pro wrestling crosses considerably more cultural boundaries than those of us who were made fun of for it in middle school had any right to expect.

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