Nine Food Trucks We Wish Would Road Trip to Phoenix

Nine Food Trucks We Wish Would Road Trip to Phoenix
Various food truck Facebook pages

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Don't get us wrong, we're damn proud of the Valley's mobile food scene. And it's not like Phoenix doesn't boast some nationally recognized trucks. Now-defunct Truckin' Good Food from Jeff Kraus made a list of Most Influential Food Trucks in 2010 and more recently, Torched Goodness made Smithsonian Magazine's list of the 20 best food trucks in the United States. With the Phoenix Street Food Coalition growing bigger every day, we know we've come a long way and are confident there's still room to grow.

But all this Phoenix love doesn't mean we don't, from time to time, harbor a little food lust toward the street food in other cities. This is one spread-out city, which means plenty of territory to share. So check out our list of nine trucks from across the country we wish would make a road trip the Valley of the Sun. Because how the hell else are we going to get schnitzel, dinges, or beef-based cupcakes?

Wafels and Dinges New York

Nine Food Trucks We Wish Would Road Trip to Phoenix
Wafels and Dinges Facebook

Belgium native Thomas DeGeest wanted nothing to do with IHOP and Waffle House fare. So he brought not one, but two kinds of waffles to the streets of New York City. The "mother of all wafels," the Brussels wafel is a light, crispy waffle made not from pancake batter like those you might be familiar with. They also offer Leige wafels, more dense and chewy and sweetened with caramelized sugar pearls. The dignes, or "whatchamacallits" in Belgian slang, refer to the various toppings with which one can crown the golden wafels. We'd particularly appreciate a few jars -- okay, a giant tub -- of the spekuloos spread, which helped DeGeest take down Iron Chef Bobby Flay in a Belgian Waffel Throwdown.

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