Ten Favorite Metro Phoenix Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Ten Favorite Metro Phoenix Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
SantaCruzArt via Etsy.com
The grilled cheese sandwich -- the ultimate comfort food. The G. C. can make you feel better when you're super sick, it can chase away the homesickness blues, and it can even be your best food friend during a bad break up. Plus, it's delicious.

Here's a list of our favorite grilled cheese sandwiches from around the Valley. Enjoy!

10. Just Grilled Cheese from Wedge & Bottle Cheese Shop -- The Valley's only specialty cheese shop makes a mean grilled cheese for an obvious reason: They use the very best cheese. Wedge & Bottle's version of the G.C. pairs fancy Barber's Cheddar with creamy gouda on perfectly toasted sourdough. Pair it with a glass of red for a perfect afternoon meal.

Ten Favorite Metro Phoenix Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Arizona Sky from Liberty Market

9. Arizona Sky from Liberty Market -- Available on both the lunch and dinner menus, the Arizona Sky is piled high with smokey ham and creamy fontagne cheese and then topped with fresh mixed greens and a tangy roasted poblano aioli. All that good stuff is pressed panini style between two slices of amazing bread and served with a side of your choice.

8. Triple Grilled Cheese from Switch -- Fez and ReBar/Bliss' sibling Switch serves up a Triple Grilled Cheese that will remind you of your favorite childhood meal without the kiddie-menu stigma. The sandwich is made with Provolone, Cheddar, and American cheeses on buttery grilled Texas toast, and you can add avocado, tomato, or bacon if you desire a little more then cheese and bread. The sandwich comes with a Caesar salad on the side, but you can substitute wedge fries or, for a super cheesy experience, a small side of their signature mac n' cheese.

7. Grilled Cheese from O.H.S.O -- Arcadia's newest eatery and brewhouse combines Welsh Red Dragon cheddar with creamy fontina on toasted Italian bread and adds thick slices of tomato and crisp applewood smoked bacon to the mix for a pretty tasty G.C. Ditch the fries and cough up the extra buck for a cup of the restaurant's smokey tomato soup. The two were made to be together! Pricey, but worth it -- and one of your best bets at this hit-and-miss spot.

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