10 Worst Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is a magical time for kids to dress up and gather candy as adults pay homage to their favorite pop icons and get drunk in silly outfits.

Before you start brainstorming for this year's Halloween costume, we recommend you read this list that outlines the pitfalls, dangers and straight-up bad ideas for Halloween costumes.

10. Sexy Couple Costumes
The electric plug and socket. Adam & Eve. The bun in the oven. None of us want to picture you putting the "p" in the "v" so just knock it off already.

Oh yes, there are nine more after the jump ...
Oh, right, it's a "Bipolar Junction Transistor" costume ...
9. The Costume That Has Character
There's always at least one of those assholes at the party who spends the evening staying in character.

To all you former high school thespians out there, knock this shit off immediately. This is cringe factor five thousand for everyone else who has the misfortune of being in the same room as you.

8. Obscure References
One year, this writer thought it would be really great to go as Little Edie Beale. Nobody got it. Rule of thumb: If it takes more than one sentence to explain who you are to others, you're failing miserably.

7. The Drapers
Or anyone from Mad Men, for that matter. Why? Because people have been doing this since the series began, um, three freakin' years ago.

This means other folks have beat you to the punch three years in a row. They should rename this costume "horribly out of touch."
6. Lady Gaga Meat Dress
We admire the idea, we really do. But this kind of thing should not, under any circumstances, happen in real life. Unlike Lady Gaga, you won't have an entourage of wardrobe attendants helping you in and out of the thing.

And, we're guessing, you won't be able to afford to replace the couch that you sit on during whatever Halloween party you go to. Meat dress = meat butt print.

5. Zombie, Ninja, or Pirate
Sometime in the mid to late aughts, America became fascinated with these three characters. Can we get over it already? Please? It's getting a little out of hand.
4. Three-Dimensional Costumes
Tetris pieces, a pair of dice, or Ralph Macchio's costume from The Karate Kid are going to give you all kinds of problems.

They're funny concepts but completely impossible to manage when you're in a room with other human beings. You'll end up ditching this within the first 20 minutes.

3. A black person (if you're not black)
So you took a racial relations class in college and now you feel like you can push some boundaries, right? Congratulations. You just made everyone else in the room really uncomfortable.

2. Catwoman, Robin Hood, or costumes that require spandex

Okay, so you've been working out. You dropped a few pounds and you think you can pull off that full body spandex suit. Well, we can promise that you are wrong, wrong, wrong. Don't fall into this trap. I'm speaking from experience here. I spent an entire night in 2008 slowly realizing I didn't quite have the body to be an Olympic ribbon dancer. It's a horrible feeling.

A Giant Baby
Get the hell away from me you fucking weirdo.

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