Here's the Best Art We Saw in Metro Phoenix in December 2017

Cacerolazo by Saskia Jorda.
Cacerolazo by Saskia Jorda. Saskia Jorda/Photo by Lynn Trimble

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Black Cloud (detail) by Carlos Amorales.
Carlos Amorales/Photo by Lynn Trimble
Black Cloud
Phoenix Art Museum brought back an installation by Carlos Amorales that comprises 25,000 black paper moths and butterflies based on 30 actual species. Amorales was inspired by a visit with his ailing grandmother, as well as the annual monarch butterfly migrations, according to museum materials. It’s on view through November 4, 2018.

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Losing Our Shirt by Ann Morton.
Ann Morton/Photo by Lynn Trimble
Losing Our Shirt
The “Blur” exhibition curated by Ted Decker of Phoenix Institute of Contemporary Art for the Art Gallery at Mesa Community College includes this work by fiber artist Ann Morton, who hand-cut a found food worker’s shirt to create this 2009 piece. It’s part of her “Collective Cover” project, in which objects prompt reflection on their “origin, human connections and history.” The show is up through Friday, February 2, 2018.

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One of many geometric forms in Rossitza Todorova's Eye Lounge exhibition.
Rozzitza Todorova/Photo by Lynn Trimble
Rossitza Todorova coupled this geometric form with video for her “Distance is Measured in Time” exhibition at Eye Lounge, which grew out of the artist’s experience of her father’s recent death. The show includes pieces she describes as “simplified geometric sculptures that stand in for the fragility of grieving.” When the video isn't running behind this suspended form (as shown here), the viewer sees compelling shifts in light streaming through a round gallery window. The exhibition continues through Sunday, January 14, 2018.

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Precious/Unprecious by Karen Hunter McLaughlin
Karen Hunter McLaughlin/Photo by Lynn Trimble
Recently, Modified Arts put out a call for works created with a particular size postal box, and received an impressive array of works that show artists using simple boxes in myriad creative ways. Karen Hunter McLaughlin used rust and several postal box panels to create this monoprint. The “Flat Rate Box” exhibition runs through Friday, January 5, 2018.

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Work by Veronica Aponte at Step Gallery.
Veronica Aponte/Photo by Lynn Trimble
Guaicaipuro's Obelisk/Pendulum
For her ASU Master of Fine Arts thesis exhibition at Step Gallery, intermedia artist Veronica Aponte explored the historical and cultural landscape of her native Venezuela. “Caracas, Tierre de Nadie” (or “Caracas, No One’s Land”) included the form of a monument, turned upside down and suspended from a chain, prompting reflection on the turbulent societal shifts wrought by inside and outside forces.

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