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Eleven Funny Memes In Response to Sony's PlayStation 4 "Announcement" Last Night

Few things in the world are as rancorous and unforgiving as hardcore gamers. Waste away a few hours getting wasted by foul-mouthed and amped-up teenagers playing Call of Duty: Black Ops II via Xbox Live for proof of said statement. Or you can check out the gaming die-hards' reaction to Sony's so-called reveal of the eagerly anticipated PlayStation 4 system.

Last night, the technology giant held a massive event in New York City where it was widely believed that the next generation console would be unveiled to the entire world. And, kinda did. Sorta. And a lot of gamers around the globe were pissed at the lack of information, as well as the lack of a look at the new system.

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While Sony's czars revealed some of the PlayStation 4's specs (it's built on 64-bit x86 architecture from AMD, will include 8GB of GDDR5 memory, and can handle 176 gigbytes per second of bandwidth...yada yada) and trumpeted its new "social" features, they didn't provide either an actual release date or an actual glance of what the infernal machine looks like.

Well, except for the largely unoriginal and underwhelming DualShock 4 controller, which largely resembles its predecessor, save for a new trackpad (similar to a laptop's), LED bar, and ability to record game footage and post it online.

At any rate, a huge amount of gamers seemed simultaneously disappointed and frustrated with Sony's so-called event (big surprise) expressed their feelings online about both it and the PlayStation 4, including plenty of satirical and humorous memes. Here's a round up of the best visual rancor we've come across.

11. Worry Not, PS3

10. Development Hell

9. You Knew This One Was Coming

8. Play Along at Home

7. Meanwhile, Back At Sony's Headquarters

6. Who Knew Scumbag Steve Worked for Sony?

5. Sony: We Do Console Reveals Without Revealing Consoles

4. We Wondered the Same

3. Success Kid Weighs In

2. Guess the Dos Equus Guy is a Gamer Too

1. Razzing on Sony's Kaz Hirai

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