New Opportunities for Metro Phoenix Creatives

Work by Jesse Perry featured in the inaugural Carmody Foundation Grants exhibit.
Work by Jesse Perry featured in the inaugural Carmody Foundation Grants exhibit. Jesse Perry/Photo by Lynn Trimble
Sometimes creatives get so busy making work that they don't pause to notice the many opportunities in their midst. So we've put together a roundup of 10 opportunities — including art jobs and grants, as well as calls for visual art, performance art, and films. Several deadlines loom, so don't delay if you're eager to throw your hat into the ring.

BlakTina Dance Festival
Licia Perea and Liliana Gomez are seeking dance works created by emerging and established Latinx and African-American choreographers, which will be performed during the BlakTina Dance Festival in Phoenix on Friday, August 24, and Saturday, August 25. Arizona-based artists of color are welcome to apply. Submissions are due on Monday, June 4. Get details on the BlakTina Festival Facebook page.

click to enlarge The BlakTina Festival is looking for works for its 2018 festival in Phoenix. - EDUARDO ROBLES MENDIVIL
The BlakTina Festival is looking for works for its 2018 festival in Phoenix.
Eduardo Robles Mendivil
“Synchronicity” Exhibit
Millet House is accepting submissions for its upcoming “Synchronicity (at sixty)” exhibition, which runs from Friday, July 13, to Friday, August 24. The show will include works by selected artists, artists in the Millet House art collective, and Mesa artist Jaime Glasser. Submissions are due by Saturday, June 16. Find more information on the Millet House website.

Carmody Foundation Grants
The Carmody Foundation is partnering with Sisao Gallery and ArtLink to present grants to 10 local artists, who will create works that the foundation will donate to various non-profit organizations to help them raise money through auctions. Selected artists will also be featured in an exhibition at Sisao Gallery inside Oasis on Grand, and receive grant funding. Submissions are due on Saturday, June 30. Learn more on the Sisao Gallery Facebook page.

Vision Gallery
Vision Gallery will be accepting exhibition proposals from Friday, June 1, through Saturday, June 30. The gallery also exhibits work at the Chandler Center for the Arts Gallery, where previously featured artists have included Laura Spalding Best and Cam DeCaussin. The gallery prefers small group shows, but proposals for solo exhibitions are also welcome. Get details on the Vision Gallery website.

NEA Our Town Grants
The National Endowment for the Arts is accepting submissions for its Our Town creative placemaking grants, which support projects that strengthen communities through arts, culture, and design. Proposed projects should engage other sectors, such as agriculture and food, the environment, housing, and transportation. Applications are due on Thursday, August 9. Find more information on the NEA website.

click to enlarge Flawless by Studio ALEX was part of the last Canal Convergence in Scottsdale. - MELISSA FOSSUM
Flawless by Studio ALEX was part of the last Canal Convergence in Scottsdale.
Melissa Fossum
Sedona International Film Festival
The Sedona International Film Festival is looking for feature, documentary, animation, and short films to feature in its next festival, which takes place from Saturday, February 23, to Sunday, March 3. The deadline to apply is Thursday, September 20. Learn more on the Sedona International Film Festival website.

Art One Gallery
Art One Gallery is currently reviewing portfolios by artists who would like to be represented by the gallery, which specializes in works by high school, community college, and university students within and beyond Arizona. The gallery also works to make art affordable for average-income individuals, and represents artists exclusively in Arizona. Featured artists include John Babbit, Jennifer Gross, Luster Kaboom, and Kyllan Maney. Find submission guidelines on the Art One Gallery website.

Xico Arte y Cultura
Xico, Inc. is looking for an executive director, whose duties will include strategic planning, program development, fundraising, and community outreach. The non-profit specializes in Latino and indigenous arts and culture. The position will remain open until filled. Find more information on the Xico, Inc. website.

Scottsdale Arts
Scottsdale Arts is looking for a curator of contemporary art for the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, who will organize exhibitions highlighting contemporary art, architecture, and design. Scottsdale Arts is a nonprofit organization that oversees the museum, as well as Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, Scottsdale Public Art, and Scottsdale Arts Outreach and Education. Get details on the Scottsdale Arts website.
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