Oscar de la Renta Studio Carry-On Bag at Uribé BoUtiqué

Each week Gem features one standout piece from a local shop. Whether it's a jacket, necklace, or handbag, it's on our have-to-have list.

What: This Oscar de la Renta Studio carry-on bag in gray tweed is from the iconic designer's ready-to-wear line. For this line of luggage, de la Renta teamed up with Henry Rosenfield's luggage production to make affordable pieces that would last.

Whether toting it as an overnight bag or stuffing it into an overhead compartment, it's durable without sacrificing aesthetic, and perfect for holiday travel or a trip to the gym.

Where: uribe boUtique

Cost: $53.99

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Style It: Since the bag's designed for travel, it should be styled with comfortable pieces that allow for movement in stuffy airplanes, packed cars, and trains. 

Start with some thick, stretch jersey leggings from James Perse and helplessly cute (and helpfully warm) faux shearling-lined velvet slippers from Marc Jacobs. Top it with a Nordic-inspired wool-blend sweater dress from Aubin & Wills Warnold. And don't forget these carry-on essentials for an easy, comfortable trip: Benefit's moisturizing rose-tinted lip balm, refreshing Evian Mineral Water Spray, and tomato red headphones for tuning out your fellow passengers.
Oscar de la Renta Studio Carry-On Bag at uribe boUtique

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