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Rachael Ward of Mixology Makeup

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Who's not a sucker for a good makeover, especially one by a local makeup business? (Yes, those exist.) We stumbled upon, Mixology Makeup, an independently-owned makeup company out of Anthem, that'll do just the trick. And while they've received some recent national press, they've gone virtually uncovered in their own hometown. Until now.

We quickly set out to get the skinny on Mixology and discovered it's a vegan makeup line specifically designed for sensitive skin. It also has a selection of the most jewel-like eye-shadows ever seen on an eyelid.

Rachael (Rae) Ward, the creative mind behind Mixology has some pretty big things going for her and her company, including gold, silver and bronze medals at the 2009 Beauty Olympics and a slew of rave reviews from online magazines and makeup blogs. And don't forget the award shows. To date, Mixology has been gifted out at a 2010 AFI Directors event, included in the backstage gifts at the 2009 Hollywood awards, and was selected for inclusion in the über fancy gift bags given out at the 2009 Emmy Awards. Pretty big stuff, indeed.

Read the interview after the jump.

How did Mixology get started?
A few years back I looked into starting a makeup line and discovered that having a another company make and package my line was too expensive. So I began to research and learn the process of making mineral makeup, and Mixology was born!
Also, I am a sensitive skin freak (I don't use the term lightly) and never wore foundation because it made me break out. This spurred me on in my makeup quest for something I could create to actually improve my skin!

Have you always been into makeup?

My love of makeup started when I was about 6 years old. My babysitter was a makeup artist who had all boys and NO girls! So, I was enlisted in makeup boot camp! I learned early how to put on lip liner without a mirror. Try it, it's NOT easy. Eventually, I was hooked. I continued in theater, films, weddings, and any event where people would let me do makeup.

How did you end up being included in the 2009 Emmy gift bag?
Wow! I think it was pure luck and a huge blessing! I got an email from Emerging magazine saying they would like to include me in the 2009 Emmy gift suite. I replied, "Oh sure. lol. How much!?" because I knew that being included in these gifts can cost a company thousands! But the representative replied that his wife found my site and loved what I was doing, and they wanted to include me for free. I think I freaked out! I called to make sure it was legit -- it was -- and the rest is history!

What is your next step?
To keep growing my business and making new products. It's just me and few loyal friends who work for free, so who knows what we'll do next!

Where can someone buy Mixology Makeup? My site, www.MixologyMakeup.com and at Blueberry Deluxe at 702 W. Montecito, just off of Seventh Avenue.

What's your favorite color right now?
By Chance or Era. I can't pick just one.

What inspires you?

Color! I love seeing pictures in magazines, clothing or paintings and trying to create a match! Also, my customers. They will contact me asking for custom eye shades, etc. and it's fun to try and create it for them!

If you weren't creating your own makeup line, what would you be doing?

Probably just working a regular 9 to 5 job with no creative outlet. (Not good for me.)

Have people responded to Mixology the way you expected?
No. I expected it to be this small thing that I sold here and there. I never expected to have amazing, faithful customers all over the world! Let alone be a part of award shows and movie premieres, etc... Its amazing!

Is there anything else we should know about Mixology?
We are going to be doing some charity work with Vision Abolition, an organization that works to rescue women and children from the sex slave industry in Fiji. I am very excited to get involved! And ... keep an eye out for Mixology Makeup on MTV, Oxygen, Bravo, & the Food Network! That's all I'm going to say right now!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.